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Announcing the cast for Star Trek: The Next Improvisation 2023!
Becky Hauser

Over the course of the last week 70 performers auditioned for Star Trek: The Next Improvisation. We were blown away by the response and talent. Thank you to everyone that came out.

We're very proud to announce the cast for 2023. Can't wait to see where they take us this fall!

Star Trek: The Next Improvisation

Directed by Maria Bartholdi, Assistant Director Laura Berger

  • Alsa Bruno
  • Anna Tobin
  • Bradley Machov
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Danna Sheridan
  • Gregory Parks
  • Justine Myers
  • Karyn Wilson
  • Lucas Vonasek
  • Michael Renner
  • MJ Matheson
  • Sarah Busch
  • Sean Dillon
  • Shoshana Daniels
  • Susannah Eckberg
Be Part of Something HUGE
Sean Dillon

HUGE Improv Theater is moving to a new location at 2728 Lyndale Ave, slated to open in September 2023. Construction costs are at an all-time high, and the lost income is rough on a small nonprofit! One of the ways we’re raising funds for that big move is by asking people and businesses to sponsor a chair in the new HUGE Theater. For a donation of $500, a little placard with your name or business is affixed to one of the seats, and you get to be a little part of the joyous HUGE experience for countless patrons, students, and performers.

For individuals, this is a great way to make your mark; celebrate your improv journey or the journey of someone you love, commemorate a beloved improv group, or honor someone no longer with us.

For businesses, this is a fantastic way to show your support of the arts and the LynLake neighborhood, and maybe even inspire some of the tens of thousands of people who come to HUGE each year to patronize your establishment!

We need your help! Click here to sponsor a chair and be a part of HUGE.

For anyone feeling more ambitious, we do have larger sponsorship opportunities… everything from a “brick” plaque in the lobby, all the way up to the stage itself!

Creature Feature auditions
Becky Hauser

We’re going to create the audition schedule for Creature Feature soon! Sign up if you want in:

A Statement from The Board of HUGE Theater
Butch Roy

Step ONE: Our official statement

As everyone else learned the news, we at HUGE Theater were made aware that our landlord made a $500 donation to David Duke in 2016.

HUGE is a nonprofit theater dedicated to building a healthy and diverse improv community. We are in year 3 of a 10-year lease on our building, which has housed our theater from the time we opened in December 2010 – in the middle of a snowstorm and during a recession.

What held HUGE Theater together then, and now, is our incredibly supportive and expansive community.From our first days we have worked to build an inclusive community and to illuminate the path from student to stage so we could share this art form we love. Improv is a deeply personal art form and a multitude of voices are needed to tell new and interesting stories.

We are proud to host and give our ongoing support to the Tiny Funny Women Fest, the Black & Funny Festival, monthly POC jams, monthly Queer jams, monthly 40+ jams, and two Women-Trans-Femme classes. We have worked thoughtfully with other theaters nationally to form a Student Bill of Rights and Boundaries guidelines to make sure our classes and stage are inclusive and free of threat or intimidation of any kind.

For these reasons and more, we would like to formally tell Nazis and the KKK that they can fuck straight off.

[ unanimously approved by the full Board of Directors – Aug 29, 2017 ]

HUGE Is Moving - We Need Your Help
Sean Dillon

Here’s the short version:

This summer, HUGE Improv Theater will be moving from its original home at 3037 Lyndale Avenue, to a new, larger space at 2728 Lyndale Ave. This has the potential to be amazing, but transforming that facility into a theater and education space is going to cost upwards of $750,000. Falling short of that goal will mean cutting back on and delaying our build-out plans. We vitally need financial support right now to reach that goal. If you can help, please do!


SPONSOR A CHAIR! Individually or as a team, group, or family, make a $500 donation, and you can get your name or preferred dedication on one of the 125 seats in our new theater! We also have other sponsorship opportunities.

JOIN OUR INVISIBLE IMPROVATHON! Much like our Improvathon in November, we're asking our whole community to come together and reach out to their networks in a fundraising push throughout May. It is "invisible" because there are no performances, just a lot of outreach. We need all hands on deck!

DONATE IN ANY AMOUNT! If a sponsorship isn’t in the cards right now, every bit helps! We’re thrilled to welcome donations in any amount you care to give.

HELP RECRUIT A MAJOR DONOR/SPONSOR! Might you, someone close to you, or the company you work for be in a position to make a major gift or sponsorship? We would LOVE to discuss the difference that gift could make, and the recognition we are able to provide. Email Managing Director Sean Dillon.

Here’s the longer version:

When HUGE opened its doors in 2011, it hosted around 50 performances and a handful of classes. The growth in the Twin Cities improv community since that time has been explosive, and in 2019 HUGE had over 700 class enrollments with long waitlists, and over 450 performances for over 17,000 ticketholders with numerous sell-out performances. It became clear that our current space could not meet the needs of the people — students, performers, and audiences — that we’re dedicated to serving. While the pandemic put a dent in those stats, we are already seeing steady progress back to that level of activity. We need room to grow.

In 2017 it also came to light that our current landlord financially supports extremist causes that are incompatible with HUGE’s values. At that time, we committed to ending our business relationship with that landlord as quickly as possible. While it was not feasible to break our lease, that lease expires in August 2023, just months from now.

So it is time for us to move. And luckily, we were able to secure a lease on a new space at 2728 Lyndale, a building that we had previously tried to purchase in 2019. While the financing for that purchase fell through, we are thrilled to be able to move forward with many of the plans we developed at that time, as renters. And the possibility of eventually purchasing the building outright still exists.

Because of pandemic supply chain problems, construction costs have skyrocketed since our last build-out in 2011, and it may cost as much as $750,000 to complete construction on our new space. And because we don’t own the building, many lenders have been hesitant to approve a construction loan to get the work done. And so we are depending on our own cash on hand, grants, major gifts and sponsorships, and lot of individual donations.

What happens if we don’t have the funds? We have to build out in phases. And the new space will look unfinished and only be semi-usable perhaps for years. In the long run, it will cost more to complete and will force HUGE to tighten its belt in ways that worsen our service to our community (higher ticket prices, fewer scholarships, less taking risks and funding programs that don’t pay for themselves). So we need help. And quickly — construction begins in May.

Thank you for anything and everything you can do! There will be further opportunities — to help us move, paint, etc. — coming down the line. But for now, unfortunately it is all about those funds friends.


P.S. - To all of you who gave to HUGE’s building campaign in 2019, thank you and we have not forgotten you! Those funds are sustaining the building effort RIGHT NOW. Those that gave $1000 or more to that effort will be getting a “brick” plaque on the walls of the new space as promised to commemorate your amazing gifts!