Page Spring Fundraiser

Hi folks! Big news! HUGE is launching a Spring fundraiser: Springtacular! We invite you to join us in making it a big success. We want to be clear: HUGE’s continued existence may depend on it being a big success

Give, support and SHARE here :

Here’s how the event will work:

  • It will be friendly-competitive fundraising on, not unlike Improvathon
  • It will rely heavily on social media asks and direct outreach, not unlike Improvathon.
  • Fundraisers will be assigned to “divisions” (Waffles vs Pancakes) so groups can help each other and their division win the top fundraising spot(s).
  • The final week of the fundraiser, we’ve got a FUN daily action plan to make it easy to not ONLY get the word out about this fundraiser, but help raise global awareness of HUGE and the TC improv community itself.
  • We’ll have a celebratory breakfast after the event for all participants, featuring waffles or pancakes, depending on which division “wins.”
  • There will also be thank-you rewards for the winning division, the top 3 teams in the winning division and the top fundraising teams in each division - with one of our classrooms named after the winning teams!
  • Fundraising officially begins May 1 and ends at the Improv A Go Go anniversary show on May 19th when we announce the winning division and winning teams and total raised!

Some quick context for anyone who may not know:

After 13 years renting 3037 Lyndale from a landlord who turned out to be supporting some deeply troubling white supremacist causes, HUGE moved out of that space and purchased our current building at 2728 Lyndale in September 2023, with the remarkable help of our community and a non-profit-supporting lender who saw the value and potential of HUGE’s work. This is a big, important, near-miraculous step in our history as an organization, that will hopefully help create a truly permanent home for improv in the Twin Cities. We feel deeply grateful to have had the community support we needed to make this dream a reality.

But the fact is, HUGE is facing a critical financial bottleneck right now, because some big things over the past year have not gone according to plan. Without going too deep: we had to open months later than we planned, there is ongoing income from a cell tower we expected to have but don’t, property taxes we didn’t expect to have as a non-profit but do, and a brutal, unexpected $200K expense we had to eat to install HUGE’s HVAC on the roof because the City abruptly imposed that requirement. As a kicker, our old landlord is withholding our security deposit.