Hi everybody!

We’re pleased to let you all know that Carin Bratlie Wethern (she/her), Artistic Director of Theatre Pro Rata, has agreed to step into the position of Whistleblower Representative/Compliance Officer for HUGE. This role was previously filled by Jack Reuler of Mixed Blood Theater, and we thank him for his long service!

What does this mean? HUGE maintains an open-door policy for reports of unethical behavior by anyone involved at HUGE (including harassment and abuse of position). We welcome anyone to report to any member of our leadership, board, or faculty, who will work to see such concerns addressed fully and appropriately. We also have an anonymous feedback form on our website and a working relationship with the group Fair Play MN, that can help women, trans, femme, and non-binary folx with reports of harassment or abuse within the comedy communities.

But we know there might be instances where a reporter may not feel comfortable bringing their concern to someone at HUGE or within the improv community, or may feel their concern not been appropriately addressed. The Whistleblower Representative/Compliance Officer role provides an alternative path; a person who is not employed or beholden to HUGE, nor a part of the improv community, who is empowered to investigate and act on concerns about HUGE that is brought to them. While we hope it is never needed, we always want that option to be available, for the sake of community safety.

In her role as Artistic Director of Theatre Pro Rata, Carin has a stalwart reputation for straight dealing, thoroughness, and an abiding concern for the importance of safety and equity in the Arts. For these reasons, we’re grateful to her for accepting this role, even as we at HUGE continue to commit to making it as superfluous as possible. Should you ever need it, Carin’s contact email is carin@theatreprorata.org.

A link to our Whistleblower policy is always available on the Performers page of our website: https://www.hugetheater.com/pe...