Over the course of the last week 70 performers auditioned for Star Trek: The Next Improvisation. We were blown away by the response and talent. Thank you to everyone that came out.

We're very proud to announce the cast for 2023. Can't wait to see where they take us this fall!

Star Trek: The Next Improvisation

Directed by Maria Bartholdi, Assistant Director Laura Berger

  • Alsa Bruno
  • Anna Tobin
  • Bradley Machov
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Danna Sheridan
  • Gregory Parks
  • Justine Myers
  • Karyn Wilson
  • Lucas Vonasek
  • Michael Renner
  • MJ Matheson
  • Sarah Busch
  • Sean Dillon
  • Shoshana Daniels
  • Susannah Eckberg