Page TCIF18
Wednesday, June 12
7pm :: PattyCakes, Again & Again, Sympathetic Magic, Your Co-Workers Improv Show
Thursday, June 13
7pm :: DillyDallHaus, Babe Train, Hot Pot

8:30pm :: Foul Play, Jane Austin Improv (Austin, TX)

9:30pm :: Give The Drummer Some, Drum Machine

10:30pm :: The Life Robotic, Blackout
Friday, June 14th
7pm :: Solovela (Plantation, FL), poems for each other, Bryan vs Music (Portland, OR)

8:30pm :: the Shrieking Harpies, Hey Handsome (New York, NY)

9:30pm :: Attenborough, Mockumentary Now (Denver, CO)

10:30pm :: Ross & Susannah, MAYHEM, Flava Flavor Flavour (Chicago, IL)

Saturday, June 15th
6pm :: Jorts presents A Snowy Kiss

7pm :: Melk (Baltimore, MA), EckBerger, JokYr & Jessster (SLC, UT)

8:30pm :: The Mess, THE BOYS (Chicago, IL)

9:30pm :: Darth Hogbeaf, Magical Lying Hour (Houston, TX)
Sunday, June 16th
7pm :: Adorable, 20,000 Leagues Under The Telltale Heart, Two’s Company, No Fear Shakesqueer