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Show X

It's the improv show at the end of the world: Show X! Show X features Minneapolis' finest and most experienced improvisers all together on one stage for a weekly show!

8:00 p.m. | $5

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Show X Preview


HUGE Wednesdays

We present FIVE groups improvising for your amusement, delight and terror Featuring :: Wunderkidz, The Spectrum, Oxmussen, Kids At Camp and Fotis & Haeg!

8:00 p.m. | $5

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HUGE Wednesdays Preview


Space Jam

Thursday nights, stay for Space Jam! If you're an improviser the stage is yours!

9:00 p.m. | $5



Us / Them / Here

Local group He/She/Them begins with the longform structure "Close Quarters" and explores a location of your choosing - creating an epic story throughout the life and times of a common place and the people that weave in and out of it.

8:00pm | $10

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Polar Bear Centric

Polar Bear Centric is ONE BIG FURRY ANIMAL of an improv show - All blood thirsty, sweaty toothed and foaming at the mouth, an entire zoo of liberated, savage, and sadistic animals lick their chops as they hunt for tasty grade schoolers. Better run for your life!

9:30 | $10

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Bearded Men Improv

Come West with the Beards for another epic adventure. There’ll be shoot-outs! Dickering! California wives! It’ll be Kurosawa by way of Leone. Only... you know....More bearded.

10:30 p.m. | $5

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Darjeeling Unscripted

Darjeeling Unscripted brings the intricate relationships and the vivid imagination of Wes Anderson films to HUGE Improv Theater. Purchasing tickets in advance is strongly suggested!

8pm | $10

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The Mess

Late night improvised antics with Mike Fotis, Michael Ritchie, James Rone, Rita Boersma, Jake Scott, Joe Bozic and Eric Knobel. Stay out late, see The Mess, get a tattoo, call up an ex - you can worry about it tomorrow

9:30 | $10

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