Box Office opens at 7 p.m. everyday but Tuesdays & Thursdays




Some of the best in the Twin Cities assemble every Monday for Show X ! Well…Normally they do.

Right now, with theaters dark, we want to invite you to watch some classic Show X favorites from the comfort of your own home every Monday night.

Click here to see the Show X Facebook page and another Show X RERUN uploaded every Monday night at 8pm!

Enjoyed what you watched? Consider donating – the price of a ticket would normally be $10


Drum Machine ONLINE!


Jill Bernard might be stuck at home, but does that mean she can’t share her award-winning, critically acclaimed one-woman improvised musical Drum Machine with you through the screen of your choosing?

Well… She tried, but what came out was something substantially dumber, which is saying something.

People seemed to like it, it’s just the right time for dumb perhaps, so please join us every Friday in April. She is gonna hook up the old Zoom Rhythmtrak 123 like in days of old. Click here to check it out!

If you were seeing this show at HUGE, it would cost you $10, but lets call it Pay-What-You-Like: donate to HUGE at


Foul Play: Murder in YOUR Manor


Turn down the lights, turn on your screen, and enjoy an evening of secrets and suspense from the comfort of your own couch with Foul Play, an improvised murder mystery in the style of Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime. With a fresh cast of characters and a new victim every night, the improvisers of Foul Play must use their wits and their little grey cells to unmask the murderer, LIVE on Facebook!

Click here Saturdays at 8pm to Tune In.

A ticket to this show would normally be around $14. If you enjoy what you watch, consider donating around that much to HUGE by clicking here:

The Mess (No Theater)


Please join The Mess, Saturdays at 9:30pm – No Theater.

The Mess will be doing scenes via Instagram Stories. It’ll be as incoherent as their regular show but you can address that at full volume within the walls of your own home.

Find them here:

Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Eric Knobel, Molly Ritchie, James Rone and Jake Scott are The Mess (No Theater)
If you were to see them at HUGE, it would cost you around $14. If you laugh even once, consider donating to the Theater they are not currently allowed to be at:

Bad Poets Online Poetry Battles

Bad Poets Society is a collection of improvisers/poets of questionable talent. Together, we weave spontaneous spoken word. Sometimes, it’s good. Always, it’s ART. Now even Art-ier as it comes to you directly on your Social Media streams!
Bad Poets Society is Jill Bernard, Justin Betancourt, Shoshana Daniels, Monika Hetzler, Hannah McNamee, Deepika Pangarkar, Jada Pulley, Katie Quinn, Chris Rodriguez, Will Schroeder, and Victoria Temiz
Follow them on Instagram or check them out on Facebook where they stream their “shows”
If you were seeing them at HUGE, the ticket would cost you $10 – if you enjoy their show, why not donate to keep their theater going until we can open our doors again: