Great Improv.  All Week.

3037 Lyndale Ave S


3 Show Pass – October 20th

One pass, 3 shows, $24!

Flex Pass – October 20th

Pick 2 shows for $18

8:00 pm


Ka-Baam!! – created by Marvel Comics editor Steve Wacker – it’s the return of KaBAAM!! the improvised golden age comic book.
You give us the names of 3 superheroes that do not (yet) exist and we will show you their origin stories and their team adventure against a supervillain created by our resident comic artist!

9:30 pm

Super Good In Space

What’s happening at any given moment in the vast expanse of space, real and imagined? Let’s find out. Super Good invites you to join us for a fun, playful and deeply silly show that pushes us to the furthest expanses of where our shared imagination and physical bodies can take us.

10:30 pm

Interludes with special guests STRAYS

First – STRAYS tug at your heartstrings
Then – Interludes explores the tiny minutiae of the moments between breaths with sound, movement, and interlogues.