Great Improv.  All Week.

3037 Lyndale Ave S

Box Office opens at 7 p.m. every day but Tuesday.   Advance reservations strongly suggested (no advance tickets on Sundays).

Parking at HUGE Theater

Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the theater and in our remote lot as well! The remote lot is across the alley from the theater, just a couple doors north – there is a sign that reads “HUGE Parking.”

About HUGE Theater

HUGE Improv Theater is an artist-led non-profit dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community through performance and education.

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What is Longform Improv?

“Short-form” is insider jargon for games like you’d see on Whose Line is it Anyway or ComedySportz where the rules are decided on ahead of time. “Long-form” is insider jargon for a piece that may have a form set ahead of time (“we’ll have monologues followed by scenes,” or “it will be an improvised horror movie”) but the individual scenes are free-form, with no set rules.