Great Improv.  All Week.

3037 Lyndale Ave S


4:00 pm

Rated G

An improvised family-friendly musical romp in the style of all the fairytale classics!
(Tickets available at the door only)

Three Show Pass – Oct 22nd

One pass gets you into all three shows!

8:00 pm


The improvised comedy election you wish was real – not to be confused with the real election you wish was an improvised comedy

9:30 pm

Super Good

Super Good takes simple ideas to their furthest physical and emotional distance. Let’s go!

The ensemble cast is Anna Tobin, Erik Neilson, Gubby Kubik, Lupe Muraszewski, and Molly Chase.

10:30 pm

Attenborough: The improvised wildlife documentary

Attenborough : The Improvised Wildlife Documentary
Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom in glorious, live, improvised 3-D.