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3037 Lyndale Ave S


Double Feature – Saturday February 22nd

See Off Book & The Mess for $22!

8:00 pm

Off Book

Half-scripted, full speed ahead. It is every actor’s nightmare: getting thrown on stage to perform a play you’ve never read.

9:30 pm

The Mess

A brand new improvised masterpiece, every Saturday night!

Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Eric Knobel, Molly Ritchie, James Rone and Jake Scott are The Mess

10:30 pm

CSz Presents – Law & Order: Unscripted

Based on the iconic and long-running TV series, LAW & ORDER: the unscripted parody invites you to suggest the crime and we’ll improvise the drama.

Presented by ComedySportz – Twin Cities