Great Improv.  All Week.

3037 Lyndale Ave S


Three Show Pass – Aug 27th

One pass gets you into all three shows!

8:00 pm

Off Book

Half-scripted, full speed ahead. It is every actor’s nightmare: getting thrown on stage to perform a play you’ve never read. That’s also the premise of Off Book. We have an actor memorize a script, then send them on stage with an improviser who has no idea what’s going on. Then we sit back and watch the magic happen.

9:30 pm

Special Show: SWFNE / Blackout Mashup!

This week only – members of Second Wave and Blackout take the stage together to tackle racism, sexism and improv!

10:30 pm

The Painters w/special guest: Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore will change everything you don’t know about US History – then the Painters will write the next chapter of Art History!