Events and meetings at HUGE!

Did you know you can rent HUGE for an event or meeting?   Contact for information! 

HUGE Theater Rental: Special Events

Fully ADA accessible 3,200 sq. ft. space with an attractive lobby and adjacent parking lots. The space can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Lights, projector and sound equipment are available for use. A technician will be on site to answer all your questions and to respond to technical needs.

Daytime theater reservation

7 days a week, pending availability

Our best value base price for the space for up to 6 hours; includes a host and technician (both required). Extra charge for each additional hour.

Client selects start and end time; theater is available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Evening theater reservation

Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, limited availability, higher pricing



HUGE carries an excellent selection of local and micro brews at our bar, and can usually accommodate special requests for beer and wine with advance notice.

 Pricing models:

  • Cash bar (your guests would pay $5-6 per drink)
  • HUGE can run a tab for you and take 10% off your total bill
  • You can make a bulk purchase in advance at a 15% discount rate. Once the pre-purchased drinks ran out, we could switch to either running a tab for you or running a cash bar for your guests.

 Small additional charge for bartenders.

We require our theater bartenders to run the beer and wine bar.


HUGE Theater does not require use of a particular caterer, nor do we require a minimum catering purchase. We recommend Common Roots Catering, but you can use the caterer of your choice.

3037 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 | 612 412 4843 |


Throwback 2015 Rosters

It’s done!  After much rigorous thought and deliberation, I have created the team rosters for the 2015 season of Throwback Night!

As mentioned before, these were not easy decisions to make.  Over 80 people auditioned, and only 33 were assigned to teams.  A giant thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Here is the breakdown:

Harold – directed by Joe Bozic

Kevin Albertson
Madhu Bangalore
Michael Blomberg
Lizzie Gernes
Eric Heiberg
Drew Kersten
Josh Kuehn
Mark Mikula
Cody Nelson
Lauren Schwein
Dawson Walker

Close Quarters – directed by Nels Lennes

Jordan Bainer
Sophie Brossard
Dustin Brown
Molly Chase
Zoa Green
Ellen Q. Jaquette
MJ Marsh
Sid Oxborough
Kristen Pichette
Erin Sheppard
Anna Tobin

Deconstruction – directed by Butch Roy

Alex Carlson
Lauren Chesnut
Mike Fotis
Beth Gibbs
Casey Haeg
Adam Iverson
Adam Litz
Kenny Pierce
Michael Renner
Brian Rice
Mike Trost

Throwback Auditions Complete!

I hope everyone had a great time at Throwback auditions, because I had a blast.  How lucky am I that I get to sit down and have 80+ improvisers make me laugh so hard I get a headache?  Very lucky.  This is such a vibrant and active community, and these auditions proved that.  Everyone did such a great job, and my decisions will be extremely hard.  I hope to have the rosters up by late next week.  Stay tuned!


Throwback Audition Schedule

Hey folks! Here it is… your schedule for this year’s Throwback Night auditions. You have been assigned a 1 hour time slot. Please plan to be there for the entire hour. If you have any issues with your spot on this schedule, please let me know ASAP at

(click that)


Improvathon 2014 FAQ and Info-teria!




What is Improvathon?

Improv-a-thon is a 28-hour improv marathon fundraiser benefiting HUGE Improv Theater. It is timed to coincide with’s Give to the Max Day, an annual statewide day of giving, on Thursday, November 13.

When is it? What is the schedule?

Wednesday, November 12 at 7:00 – 8:00pm

Doors open; snacks and socializing

 Wednesday, November 12 at 8:00 p.m.

28-hours of Improvathon shows officially begin at HUGE.

 Wednesday, November 13 from midnight until 11:59 p.m.

24-hours of improv as part of’s Give to the Max Day

So that’s it? 28-hours of improv and fundraising?

Basically! But it ends up being much more. It is a chance for the larger community – students, performers and audience — to get together. In years past, the Improvathon has been the impetus for brand new groups to form. It is also an important opportunity for many students and performers to get on stage and show their friends and family – inside and outside the Twin Cities — why improv and HUGE are important to them.

Plus, any team can tag in Butch Roy, Nels Lennes, or Molly Chase to join on stage at any point during the Improv-a-thon.( Jill Bernard availability is limited due to family travel.)

Also, there are amazing people who sign up to be Iron Audience members and watch 24-hours of improv. These intrepid souls form the backbone of the audience, especially at 3:30 in the morning, and support performers.

I’m uncomfortable with fundraising, but I want to perform. Can I just sign up for a performance time?

Not really. Improvathon is HUGE’s biggest annual fundraiser. We are asking each performance time to try to raise at least $350. In years past we haven’t specifically asked groups to fundraise as part of this event, but it is very important to sustaining the theater. Part of our hope and vision that Improvathon could raise $25,000 for HUGE this year. (It sounds like a lot, but that’s less than one month’s operating expenses.)

We will do our best to make fundraising easy for you – and there are a lot of tools to do that, through’s online donation site and through tips and samples we will provide. Keep in mind, this isn’t about cold calling strangers. You’ll be asking family and friends who know you, and are asking them to support a nonprofit cause that’s personally important to you.

If you are truly uncomfortable asking friends and family to donate, please choose another way to perform at HUGE. Everyone is welcome to Space Jam each week, or to enter the Improv A Go Go lottery, or to take a class and perform in the showcase, or to submit a show idea, or all of the above. And those are just the opportunities at HUGE, there are many more in the Twin Cities. All to say, this is not just a performance slot, it is a chance to financially support a nonprofit theater with a mission to support the improv community.

Can I be in more than one group that performs?

Of course! We just ask that you consider how thin you are spreading yourself in terms of time and energy, but also your ability to contribute to each groups’ fundraising goals. Also know that there are a lot of improvisers who want to participate, and so try to leave room for others.

How many performance slots are there, and how do I sign up?

There are approximately 42 timeslots available, about the same as last year.  Here’s the form to request at performance time: LINK COMING SOON

Is this a competition?

Yes. The performer/group that raises the most funds will receive a custom coaching session from a special guest, either in March or during Twin Cities Improv Festival in June. In addition, the group will receive their name on the wall, bragging rights, and a free membership to the HUGE Annex for rehearsal time for a year.

The Iron Audience member who raises the most funds will receive a Golden Ticket to HUGE, good for a year of free shows, and a hoodie with a special badge. All Iron Audience contenders that complete the 24-hours will get their names on HUGE’s wall, plus a T-shirt and badge.

Why does HUGE schedule this to coincide with’s Give to the Max Day?

The short answer is HUGE will be eligible to win $1,000 – $10,000 extra dollars based on incentives from GiveMN.

In addition, Give to the Max Day (GTMD)  is an important arts and nonprofit awareness tool that makes a big impact statewide. By participating in GTMD, we are part of a much larger event, and are supporting fellow Minnesota nonprofits.

I can’t or don’t want to perform. Is there another way to participate?

Come watch some shows! Bonus points if you make a donation to HUGE via at home and then bring a printout to HUGE.

Be an Iron Audience Contender - If you are comfortable with staying up for 24-hours, this could be a great option. If not, just come out and watch some shows! A lot of us will be there, and it will be fun.

Volunteer – We’ll need 30 hours of box officers, tech booth operators, help with food, general tidying, massage therapists (?), you name it! A volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted soon.

Encourage people to contribute before they come to the theater – Our goal is to get donors to donate online and bring a printout w/ them to HUGE. It’s faster/easier for them and for the box office.

Offer or find a Matching Grant – GiveMN has piles of research that says projects with Matching Grants receive more donations. A Matching Grant can be as small as $100 to be effective.

Finding matching grants for your group are a great strategy if you want to win the top fundraising prize, but also is a great thing for people that want to give before Give to the Max Day. It is a great way to get the word out and start fundraising right away. At present, we don’t have a matching donor set up. You could get one for your own group. Or ask your work if they donate to 501c3 nonprofits like HUGE.

Donate!– Back a team of your choosing, don’t be shy.

Spread the word!– Word of mouth is incredibly important to HUGE, not only for the Improvathon, but for all our shows. If you haven’t reviewed HUGE on Yelp or Google, consider doing that. Sincere, great reviews are among the most valuable gifts you can give.

I’m uncomfortable with fundraising, but I want to be an iron audience member. Can I just show up and stay?

Not exactly. You are certainly free to come to HUGE and watch as much improv as you’d like! To participate as an  Iron Audience contender, though, is to participate in an important part of the fundraiser. This portion of the event is arguably the most “a-thon” part of the whole Improvathon. We are asking each Iron Audience contender to please sign up by November 5 and to commit to raising at least $100 for HUGE as part of the event.

We will do our best to make fundraising easy for you – and there are a lot of tools to do that, through’s online donation site and through tips and samples we will provide. Keep in mind, this isn’t about cold calling strangers. You’ll be asking family and friends who know you, and are asking them to support a nonprofit cause that’s personally important to you.

Does having an Iron Audience really help?

Performers are grateful for the Iron Audience, and the tremendous boost their presence gives. In return, performers work hard to create the best show possible for the audience, even at — or maybe especially at —  3AM. Beyond that, Iron Audience helps HUGE by posting on social media and, of course, and by raising funds.

What does an Iron Audience member get?

Those who watch 24 hours of improv (midnight to midnight) get their name on HUGE’s wall and a badge, plus an Improvathon T-shirt. Beyond that, HUGE does what it can to make Iron Audience contenders welcome and comfortable.

What are the Iron Audience rules?

The rules are based in the honor system — the idea is to be in the theater watching performances, and no performances can be skipped. Sleeping through shows and/or being absent from the theater are outside of the spirit of the event. That said, people need to take breaks for bathroom and snacks, and may want to step outside under the awning to get some fresh air. It is also possible a person might doze off here and there. All of these things are acceptable.

The Iron Audience portion of the event runs for 24-hours and begins promptly at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 14. There is a kick-off reception and four hours of improv prior to that (starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night) that you are of course welcome to attend. But it’s not part of Iron Audience.

What if I change my mind or get sick, or get called in to work?

This is a low-pressure, low-stakes event where your health and peace of mind are top priority. If at an point you’re feeling sick and/or just need to take a break or go home, you should! We will never stop being grateful for all you do.

What was that link again?



Last year it got a little stuffy in the theater. Any plans to combat that this year?

Oh, yes. You bet.  We installed lovely ceiling fans and are scheduling longer breaks to get the theater cleared out and freshened up.

I don’t see the answer to my question here – who can I contact?

Feel free to send questions to molly at hugetheater dot com.


Throwback 2015 Auditions

The time is finally here! Throwback auditions are upon us at HUGE Theater, and sign ups are open! Click the link below to sign up for your audition time. We will be having two opportunities for you to audition for our Throwback Program (Throwgram) this year. It’s only necessary for you to sign up for one day, however.

For those not familiar with the Throwgram, please check out this post describing last year’s experience. The classic forms will once again be Harold, Deconstruction and Close Quarters. The timing on this year’s Throwgram will be a bit different. The last two years we have begun the classic forms in the fall, and then developed the new forms in the winter-spring. This year we will begin rehearsals in November and December, and open the classic forms in January. The Throwback Night show will run through February, and the individual developed forms will begin in March. If you cannot commit to anything beyond the initial January-February run, I still invite you to audition. You will not be disqualified from the entire program if you cannot commit to the form development phase.

This is an excellent chance for a lot of improvisers to get involved with HUGE all at once. Any improviser is free to audition, whether you have done tons of shows at HUGE (including a Throwback show), or none at all. If you have ever thought about it, now is your chance!

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at See you there!


If you have any questions or concerns, please email




Some improv exercises to do by your onlies to make a more creative life

Here’s a little collection of exercises I’ve collected that you can do all by onlies to make a  more creative life.  Enjoy! – Jill Bernard


The brain you had when you were a kid was just a little bit softer than the brain you have now. Let’s take a step back and soften up your grown-up brain, to let more things in. Here are some practice exercises from various sources:

* Walk around your office naming things the wrong name, i.e. point at the chair and call it a soda fountain or a gleebeldy glook.
* Do a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku wrong. I recommend not limiting yourself to letters and numbers.
* Close your eyes and turn your head any direction you’d like. Open your eyes and look at what’s in front of you in the frame of your vision. Appreciate it like it’s a painting or a photograph someone deliberately composed in just this way. Try to analyze the symbolism, and the artist’s intent.
* Brush your teeth with the wrong hand.
* Make an art project out of the things in your desk drawer.
* Take the wrong route home from work.
* Draw a really terrible picture of a bunny and mail it to Jill Bernard, P.O. Box 2376 Minneapolis, MN 55402 U.S.A.
* Open a document on your computer, and just start typing. Type whatever comes, even if it’s just, “I don’t know what to type, I don’t know what to type.”
* Play one-word story with yourself by closing your eyes every other word. (
* Play Initials – find two letters, like DW and make up little activities as quickly as you can – drawing whistles, draining wolves, diabolically writing…

Your brain has pathways, and unless you find ways to get off those pathways, you’ll never have a new thought. See if you can surprise yourself today.

Acting for Improvisors with Seniz & Matt

In this class, students will learn techniques of classic stage presentation from instructors Seniz Yargici Lennes and Matthew McCloud. Students will work on improving vocal projection, understanding and implementing stage pictures, using visual dynamics to assist in storytelling and informing power dynamics, and building authentic emotions for their character work.

Three Saturdays: October 11, 18 and 25; noon-3PM
Cost: $90, payable by check, cash or card on the first day of class.

Register here:

THE DECONSTRUCTION – pay what you will fundraiser workshop

Saturday 9/27 10:00-1:00 – HUGE Theater, 3037 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis MN 55408
This workshop is a refresher on The Deconstruction. Improvisors who are planning to audition for Throwback Night, and could use some brushing up on the base, themes, commentaries, and run of the form should find this one day workshop helpful. The instructor is Drew Kersten who has been improvising since 2002 and teaching improv since 2007. In the last year he has been a part of 4 different deconstruction based shows as part of Colossus and Speed Goat, and had taught the 400 level forms classes at HUGE. Prerequisite: 401 completion, equivalent training elsewhere, or instructor permission.

HUGE made it through the tough summer months, but could use a little financial boost. This workshop is PAY WHAT YOU WILL to help get HUGE back in shape.

Register here!