Virtual Coaching

Just because you’re trapped inside, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some feedback to work those improv muscles. The following folks are offered virtual coaching, by recorded video or live video, for individuals and groups.

Denzel Belin

Available for: Virtual coaching and video evaluation for groups and individuals, conversations about show development and review of show proposals

Denzel Belin photo

“A reviewer at The Column describes me as an ‘improv genius, beautifully gifted actor, and a director whose growing strength and name are going to be legendary in the Twin Cities in no time if he keeps his current pace up,’ and ‘one of the Twin Cities’ theatre and improv communities greatest talents. He is consistent in his gifts and their growth, yet he consistently surprises audiences and collaborators in the absolute best ways possible.’ Caleb McEwan, artistic director of The Brave New Workshop, described my sketch comedy work as content where ‘many can see themselves represented in areas where they previously had been excluded, and his courage, insight, and outspoken leadership continue to inspire.’

After moving to Minneapolis in the summer of 2015, I found a lot of success in the improv and sketch comedy scene. I am currently the youngest member of The Brave New Workshop recurring cast and the youngest lead instructor at both HUGE Theater and The Brave New Workshop Student Union. In 2016, I won the Troika tournament at HUGE Theater, a improv competition decided by audience vote. After my successful track record with Huge Theater, I produced two different shows. Several improv festivals in across the United States recognized the strength in my work extended offers for performance opportunities. I serve as an adviser for local emerging artists who are looking to develop their own shows and improv troupes.”

Coaching specialties/philosophy:
“I am a bisexual African American sketch theater artist and improviser. I engage in my art with a special interest in the integration of race, queerness, and the performing arts. I work, develop, and play with a color-conscious and queer-conscious view of the world. I create my body of work to highlight the powerful impact that bringing these voices to light has in both the artistic world and our everyday lives.”