“HUGE is a RARE space that welcomes everyone that is interested in learning improvisational comedy. One of their incredible qualities (and something I feel every time I walk in the door) is their accepting nature regardless of race, age, gender or non-gender, body size, and experience. HUGE is a crucial staple to the comedy community; an environment where anyone can learn a very scary skill that will help them grow as a human being and help inspire confidence within oneself and improve communication skills.”
– Joy Dolo, actor, CityPages and Star Tribune Artist of the year, 2018

I started talking classes at HUGE as a way to make friends in the city. Little did I know, the thing I would learn most about would be myself. The experimental and accepting nature of the theater allowed me to come into myself as an improvisor and ultimately, a drag queen. That base has helped me not only solidify my craft, but also cream new spaces for other queer performers to express themselves. Within the walls of HUGE Theater, I learned about self-love and compassion. And because of that, I get to live a fuller life and share those lessons with the world.
– Spencer David Retelle, Improviser and creator of drag/improv show The Other Jeannie Retelle

HUGE Theater is named perfectly, because what it has done for me and the improv community is huge. My voice for improv was established at HUGE. I am now starting my own theater in New Orleans, which is mirroring much of what I saw and learned at HUGE. There has been a lot of change since I first started classes at HUGE back in 2010. Updated/improved harassment policies, student rights/ handbook, POC jams, Queer Jams, and the creation of a Diversity Director position. All of these changes/updates came from HUGE listening to their students/ performers, seeing a thing that could be improved upon, and acting upon it. When I started at the theater, there wasn’t a lot of diversity. Now I have seen groups that are all POC, sold out POC jams, and this is something I strive for at my theater as well. You can’t just expect to open your door and have diversity just happen. You have to take steps to make your community and theater a safe place, and HUGE has done this like no where else I’ve seen. I do believe that they are creating a platform that many theaters for years to come will be striving to be like. I also am so proud that the founders of the theater have never wavered from their mission statement. Every decision they make has the community at the heart of it. Their loyalty to the community is why I believe the community has poured their hearts into the theater. I love HUGE, and everything they have done for me and the improv community.
– Casey Haeg, Founder, Two Friends Improv Theater, New Orleans

“It’s difficult to overstate the impact HUGE Theater has had on the Twin Cities’ improv community. As someone who began producing unscripted theater here only shortly before HUGE Theater opened its doors, I’ve lived and worked through the profound renaissance this ironically small space has inspired. When I first began working in Minneapolis in 2009, there were a handful of big name improv theater companies in town, but little opportunity or support for new artists or troupes. When I launched my first troupe, the only regular performance venue I could secure was a local Ethiopian restaurant – to this day I’m not sure if it helped or hurt us that the owners had never heard of improv before. Just a few short years later, there are literally hundreds of improv companies. HUGE Theater has taught and fostered artists who have gone on to create their own shows that can be seen throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, the surrounding suburbs, and across the country. It became the first home for my current project, The Theater of Public Policy which has grown from a strange idea to mix serious conversations with improv comedy, to a flagship show for a production company which supports two full time staff. My work would not have gotten to where it is in half the time it did had HUGE Theater not existed and given us the space and support to grow. HUGE is exactly what we should be asking of all our artistic institutions: providing world class art and constantly investing in and helping to grow the next wave of practitioners.”
– Tane Danger, Artistic Director, The Theater of Public Policy

“HUGE is an amazing theater and community that fills an undeniable void in the Twin Cities performing arts scene. It’s exactly the kind of theater I wished existed when I lived in Minneapolis. If HUGE had been there when I was a resident, I may well have never moved. Quite simply, it is one of the best improv theaters in the country.”
– Matthew Craig, Story Editor, WB Animation, Burbank, CA

” Over the past 50 years as an Actor, Director and Teacher with Second City I have had the opportunity to see hundreds of Improvisational theatres around the world. It is my great pleasure to highly recommend HUGE Improv Theatre… Most theatre companies produce shows and some offer classes and outreach programs but what a great theatre company can do is create community. HUGE Improv Theater has helped to create and nurture an ever growing and thriving community of Actors, Improvisors, Storytellers and Creators. HUGE has a unique ability to not only help aspiring artists find their voice but each year it provides hundreds of performance opportunities for a truly amazing number of people. I urge you to consider the great value and import place Huge Improv Theatre has in the cultural life and for the people of the Twin Cities and Minnesota and support them fully.”
– Michael J Gellman, Senior Faculty and Co–Founder – Second City Training Center International, and Artistic Director – Process Theatre, Canada

“The building still stands and not from brick and mortar, but from the power of personal passion. I admire and respect HUGE Theater. I look forward to my next visit there.”
– Jason R. Chin, Associate Artistic Director, iO Theater, Chicago

“I’ve traveled all over the world, and I’ve performed in countless venues. I know this to be true: There are very few improv theaters in the United States that bring so much to the creative process as does HUGE Theater. Jill Bernard’s deep relationship with performance and artistic growth don’t just fuel the actor and the audience. It energizes a community. The community she and her great staff has created inspires countless people to change the way they look at art, at theater, at the world, and, ultimately, themselves. “
– David Razowsky, Former Artistic Director, Second City Los Angeles

“For the several years, many theatres and performers have shown a respect for the art of improv, but few have committed themselves as wholly to the craft of improv. HUGE is a notable exception to that. The dedication and talent of the board and instructors at HUGE inspires their performers to hone and learn a respect for their craft. It has lead to not only powerful and impacting performances, but to an environment which caters further growth of their students and performers to expand the art form in exciting ways in the years to come.”
– Bill Binder, Board Member of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, and Founder of the National Improv Network