Special Topics and Pods

Here are some very special classes coming up!  All HUGE Theater workshops are for ages 18+. Scholarships are available, please fill out the form here
(Is the class you want full? Sign up for the waitlist here. )

Voice Fundamentals with Michael Bruckmueller, Saturdays June 1-22nd, Noon-2pm
Bring your improv to the next level with this four part workshop exploring the fundamentals of voice and speech. Ever been told you are super funny, but can’t be heard in the back of the room? Or watched a video and realized your work could benefit from a variety of vocal textures? This is your chance to double down on the basics of vocal work (breathing, projection, articulation, resonance) while discovering new ways to heighten your scenes.

Playing the Game of the Scene with Joey Price of UCB – Monday 7/8, 5:30-7:30pm
In this workshop, we’ll focus on the UCB idea of the game of the scene. Most great improv scenes have one comedic idea and this workshop will help give you the tools to connect with your scene partner on what that exact idea is and how to explore it. We’ll do a ton of scenes to study ways to recognize the game, play the game and explore the game, all while having the time of our lives!
This workshop is for anyone with at least some experience in improv.

Short on time?
ONE HOUR IMPROV – First Friday of Every Month
Research shows that improv training helps access spontaneity and build confidence. This one-time Friday evening course is a quick-hit to give you some bare-bones basics to shake off your fears and bring joy to your life. This course is intended for absolute beginners, no experience necessary.