08:00 p


Duo for a Day

Some improv duos perform together for years — but the duos you see in “Duo for a Day” are comets shooting across the stage. You’ll see them just twice and then perhaps never again. They work with a professional director for one fleeting rehearsal to bring you…DUO FOR A DAY.

Team Members:

✌️ Destiny Davison & Caitlin Puckett, Directed by Antonio Rios-Luna ✌️ Lahiru Samarasinghe & Cody Madison: Directed by Carl Olson ✌️ Evelyn Vocu & Erin Crawford, directed by Chris Rodriguez ✌️ Donna Cooper & Kari Mellerup: Directed by Gregory Parks ✌️ Max Friedman & Kate Button or James Dulaney: Directed by Laura Hild ✌️ Meredith Howell & Lacey Mamak: Directed by Neco Pacheaco ✌️ Amber Patton & Kezia Florence: Directed by Shelby Schroeder ✌️ Hannah Corbett & Ross Flores: Directed by Susannah Eckberg

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