07:30 p


Creature Feature - at Center for Performing Arts!

HUGE’s longest-running show – an improvised monster movie that takes a never-before-seen monster from the audience and explores the tropes of the monster/slasher films that we all grew up jumping from and laughing at. The show has taken many forms over the years and traveled from 2605 Hennepin Ave to the Bryant Lake Bowl before we opened our space and we are excited for the next reboot of the franchise - directed by Anna Tobin and Brian Hodge-Rice!

Team Members:

Jex Arzayus, Dorian Beal, Laura Berger, Hannah Corbett, Destiny Davison, Casey Haeg, Paulie Hendrickson, Kelsey Dilts McGregor, Adam Mellerup, Tom Reed, Michael Renner, Maureen Tubbs, Marty Wessels

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