HUGE Boredom Busters

Business events can be dull - and the energy can suck out of the room at the moment your organization needs to be its most productive and inspired. That’s where HUGE Theater’s Boredom Busters come in! We will come to your event and spend 15 minutes on a quick, painless improvisational exercise that your staff can participate in at their level of comfort. We’ll send you back to your meeting at your most receptive, with your synapses firing and your eyes wide open.

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(ignore the message that says it is "sold out" - we have availability)

HUGE Boredom Busters - Details

Class Registration

$200 (includes a $20 non-refundable deposit - we have payment plans)

Payment Plans

Select either payment plan when registering for class and you'll only be charged a $20 deposit. You'll be able to pay in installments of $20 or $50 in-person once class starts. It is not a drop-in class, you will be responsible for the whole tuition

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