BAFIF Workshop: Improv to Sketch w/ Mo Phillips-Spotts

Have you ever improvised a scene and thought: "Wow! That would make a really good sketch!"? I got you! In this workshop I will introduce tips and tricks of turning improvised scenes and premises into written sketches. Through improving, exercises and games participants will leave with a good basis of turning improvised scenes into written sketches.

Mo Phillips-Spotts is an actor/improvisor originally from Atlanta, but has called Chicago home for the last 10 years. She teaches for The Second City Training Center, the Revival Theater, Malarkey Comedy and Lake Forest College. She's currently on ensemble with Baby Wants Candy, Marlakey Comedy and Whirled News. When she's not teaching or performing she enjoys baking, reading and a good nap.

BAFIF Workshop: Improv to Sketch w/ Mo Phillips-Spotts - Details

Begins on March 24 until March 24 and are offered on:

  • Sunday - 1:00 PM

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