Thank you for your interest in a HUGE Theater performance for your corporate event.
By booking with HUGE, you are hiring the Twin Cities’ best improv talent to take your event to the next level.

Here’s the important information to know:

HUGE Theater exclusively performs long-form improvisation.
A lot of folks are familiar with short-form improv, like Whose Line Is It Anyway, but long-form is something exciting and different.
In long-form improv, the performers get one or more suggestions from the audience for inspiration at the beginning, then spin out a series of scenes — an entire comedic show — inspired by those suggestions. That’s the only audience participation, so everyone can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, without worrying about being put on the spot or pulled onstage.

If you’d like learn more about long-form improv before booking, please let us know at admin@hugetheater.com . We’ll be happy to arrange a comp ticket for you to see Show X, our Monday evening show featuring many of the Twin Cities’ best improvisers.

For corporate shows, HUGE recruits 5-6 of our top performers, who will do a 30-60 minute improv set (according to your needs) at your location in the Twin Cities metro.
They will arrive one hour in advance to get the lay of the land and complete any necessary prep. Usually, performers gather generic suggestions from the audience at the beginning the show (e.g. “What’s an object you might find in a backpack,” etc.), but if you have specific suggestion prompts in mind, or if you’d like us draw inspiration from some other aspect of the event (like a prior presentation), we’re happy to discuss that possibility with you in advance.
We also have some specific show formats that may be a good fit for your needs!

Our needs are pretty simple: We just need a spot to perform with good visibility for your audience, ideally 12 ft wide by 8 ft deep or larger.

For performances in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, our rate for the show described above is $3000, with $500 of that amount due at booking. More distant locations, larger numbers of performers, or other variations may be available at additional cost.
Package rates are also available for a performance and improv workshop combo, with pricing dependent on the specifics of the workshop.
For any inquiries, an estimate, or to book your show today, click the red button and submit the form below:

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HUGE Theater is a non-profit improv comedy theater in Minneapolis.
Improv is the art of creating comedy without a script, and our Director of Education Jill Bernard has been teaching it since 1997, sharing the tools that improvisors use to work together seamlessly and creatively.  The principles we use to build a successful show  — like listening, trust, and innovation — apply to any collaborative process. Check out this article from Forbes. They know what’s up.

Cost & Location
Our workshop rate is $50 per participant per hour, with a minimum of $800. The timeframe is 1-2 hours, with 1.5 hours typically being an optimal length. We can come to your location or host you at HUGE Theater for an exciting change of venue. Caveat: this workshop cannot be a surprise. A higher percentage of people have a fear of public speaking than death, it is not kind or wise to spring improv on unwitting participants.

If, in addition to the workshop, you wish to hold an off-site meeting at HUGE, our 100-seat theater space is available for rent at $100/hr. (There is no rental fee during workshops.)

The workshops are taught by highly-qualified members of our team — our Executive Director, Artistic Director, Director of Education, Managing Director, or a hand-picked trained instructor from our teaching staff.

For each workshop, we survey in advance the group’s goals, needs, and desired outcomes. This can run the gamut from mainly wanting to have fun as a team and build camaraderie, to specific goals like flexibility and change management, or developing an office culture that encourages innovation. With that information in hard, we develop a set of games and exercises that address those particular goals. 

Regardless of group size, the session is fully interactive. It begins with some warmup/icebreaker exercises, followed by diagnostics exercises that introduce improvisational ideas, and ends with application exercises where we implement the concepts.  With very large groups there are choices to make: 1) We can break out into small groups of about 20. Advantage: very participatory. Disadvantage: less shared experience as a whole. 2) Alternately, we can present more of a lecture style with improv exercises interspersed,  Advantage: the whole group stays together. Disadvantage: less hands-on (which could be an advantage for introverts)   

Enthusiasm vs Fear
A higher percentage of people have a fear of public speaking than a fear of death. Improvisors tackle that fear by being enthusiastic instead. 

Yes And
The secret to improv is finding ways to agree. We consciously practice saying yes to our partners’ ideas and adding to them.  We reserve judgment for later to see what we can build now.

Group Mind
Great teams share a brain. When a basketball team is on the court, they’re making moves as a group that none of them individually could’ve made.  Married couples, too – it’s how they end up finishing each other’s sentences. 

To set a date, please email workshops@hugetheater.com 
We’re excited to collaborate with you!