Show X

| $10

Some of the best in the Twin Cities assemble every Monday for Show X !

Show X was born out of a desire for veteran improvisors to come together in a weekly showcase, and it continues as a beacon of improvisational theater.
A beacon, in literal terms, is a fire or light set in a highly visible place as a warning, signal, or celebration. The warning we offer is that you might start improvising with your friends in your twenties and find that you never stop. We signal that improvisational theater can be consistently high quality and being “made up” is not an excuse, but rather a strength. And we celebrate the art of being joyful and goofy, while at the same time truthful and compassionate.
We try to provide light on a night when other theaters are dark.

The current cast includes: Lauren Anderson, Jill Bernard, Rita Boersma, Tim Hellendrung, Katy Kessler, James Rone, Butch Roy, Taj Ruler, Jen Scott, Alexis Camille, Gubby Kubik, Heather Meyer, Lupe Muraszewski and Hannah Wydeven – as well as emeritus cast members that you may see from time to time : Joe Bozic, Fred Beukema, Joshua Eakright, Mike Fotis, Dan Hetzel, Andy Hilbrands, Eric Knobel, Andy Kuhlmann, Nels Lennes, Aric McKeown, Molly M Ritchie, and Troy Zimmerman