Our Building Fund Donors

With the phenomenal growth of the Twin Cities improv community over the last eight years, HUGE Theater is bursting at the seems in its current space. The following individuals and organizations have provided vital support to HUGE in its efforts to raise funds to purchase its own larger facility. This move would allow us a larger theater and lobby, more classrooms and restrooms, dedicated storage and offices, the capacity to expand our inclusion initiatives, and a “forever home” for long form improv and the arts in the LynLake neighborhood.


Donors as of August 20, 2019:

Martin J Bernard III
Daniel Blinkoff and Tamlyn Tomita
Mark and Deb Dillon
Sonja Foss and Aaron Frank
The Board of HUGE Theater
Amy B Zajack

Amy Presents…
Stephen & Kate Baldwin
Mandi Bedbury
Jill E Bernard
John Bickford
Adam Boutz
Tamara Bredemus and Tom Duff
Amy Burge
Di and Andy Christian
Community Ed
Andrew Cornelius
Elizabeth Council
Michael DallaValle
Robbie Darling
Amy Derwinski
Sean and Mallory Dillon
Sam Fathallah
Ian Fishman & Abigail MacLaren
FOUL PLAY: Improvised Agatha Christie
Robin Gillette
Lauren Glass
George Grubb and Rachel Flood Grubb
Amanda Helling
Amelia Helm
Kate Hoff and Bob Weidman
Kurt and Kathy Hunter
Shelley Kelly
Kneer Family
Gregory Laffrenzen
Marilyn M Leach
Scott Lien and Chris Rodriguez
Kelsey McGregor
Andrew Nerdahl
Katie Novak
Chris and Kristen Ragnacci
Will Roberts
John Rogers
Aidan and Owen Roy
Daniel Ruby
Snack Time
John Sullivan
Dain Sundstrom
Thank You, 5!
The Basement Theatre
The National Theatre for Children
Tiny Funny Fest
Anna Tobin
Blake Wanger
Michael Weingartner
Jane White
Patricia and Tim Wick
Jon Wilczek
Ruby Willmann
Mary Wright
Yargici Family

Other Amounts
Kevin Albertson
Monica Allen
Roger Avelsgaard
Heather Baldwin
Leslie Ball and Ochen Kaylan
Mary Barber
Tammy Barnes
Jim Barrett
Ashley Belisle
Carter Bellaimey
Lynn Benson
Erica Berglund
Bev Bernard
Uncle Rich and Aunt Sveta Bernard
Janelle Blasdel
Jess Bowers
Sadie Bowman
Kate Brown
Alsa Bruno
Jesse David Burrows
Emily Burton
Josh Campbell
Michele Campbell
Bulle Carrée
Josephine Cashman
Bill Chott
Gerard Clarke
Jennifer Comeau
Andrew Coslow
Shanan Custer
Michelle D’Angelo
Tanner Dahlin
Dylan Davis
Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto
Megan Deignan
Kyle Dekker
Melissa Dolan
Maggie Dolan and Charlie Moore
Benjamin Domask
Jarrod Downy-Beard
Sarah Duncan
Colin Eilers
Kate Enge
Branden Evans
Sarah Farley
Fearless Comedy Productions
Nancy Feldman
Gretchen Fernelius
Gerran Firkus
Austen Fisher
Teri Flores
Molly Flynn
Kristin Freiberg
Bill Fricke
Sean Geary
Jill Gillespie
Sarah Gjerdrum
Nick and Molly Glover
Alex Goldfarb
Dan Gould
Gayle Graizzaro
Matthew Grimm
Keren Gudeman
Mark Hahn
Bobbi Hansen
Steve Hanson
Robyn Hart
Kira Hartke
James Hartman
Nick Heckel
Mary Ellen Heelan
Jang Hellena
Timothy Hellendrung
Laura Helmers
Laura Hild
John Hilsen
Brian Hodge-Rice
Mark Hurwitz
Melissa Kaercher
Chase Kasel
Brad and Stephanie Kirchmann
Mark Kissell
Aidan Koehler
Diana Korpi
Jonna Kosalko
Nicola Kountoupes
TJ Kudalis
Mariah Lamkin
Theo Langason
Merritt Larson
Linda and Mike Lenc-Steigerwald
Roemer Lievaart
Andrew Lindsay
Judith Liszt
Gretchen Lovell
Harry Mackin
Cody W Madison
Jeremy Mahr
Max Maliga
Lacey Mamak
Shannon McCormick
Alex McLaughlin
Sean McPherson
Kevin McShane
Jackson Melius
Shana Merlin
Michael Miles
Julian Modugno
Carin Mrotz
Alyssa Mueller
Darla Munroe
Linda Nation
Jeffrey Niblack
Allana Olson
Heather Olson
Taylor Owens
Chase Padgett
Laraine Pennington
Matt Pitner
Laura Posterick
Joshua Przybylski
Barbara Qualey
Katie Quinn
Heather Quintal
David Razowsky
Ray Reese
Keely and Rich Remedios
Mark Richardson
Chris Riga
Andy Ritchie (in memoriam)
Shea and Jeff Roberts Gyllen
Rhett Romsaas
James Rone
William Rosenwinkel
Kathy Ross
Chad Rowe
Rodney Rowe
Butch Roy
Vicki Ruby
Tori Ruh
Patti Schroeder
Susan Scovill
Boo Segersin
Michael Short
Carlyn Sivoravong
Andrew Sletten
Denise Specht
Amy Spencer
Janet Spirer
Betsy and Ari Stover Voukydis
Gurayn Sylte
The Nursery Theatre
The Okee Dokee Brothers
Matt Timmons
Maureen Tubbs
Two Friends Improv Theater
Megan Van Dyke
Abraham vanderBent
Brian Wahl
Duck Washington and CJ Mantel
Lucas Watson
Marty Wessels
Mark Wiggins
Audra Williams
Paul and Kathy Williams
Adam Woolhouse
Jody Wurl
Elizabeth Wydeven
Paige Zidek

Very Special Thanks to
Amnesia Wars Productions
Heather Baldwin
Lorinda Chagnon
Jackson Collins and Erica Solomon
Bree Dalager
Amy Derwinski
Colton Dunn
Fearless Comedy Productions
Chris Grabek
Impro Theatre
Improv NOW
Derek Landseidel and Marty Wessels
Little and Company
Robert Reese
Shelter Architects
Rich Sommer
Sunrise Bank
TELL Collaborative
The Annoyance Theatre & Bar
The Bearded Company LA
The Nest Theatre
Third Coast Comedy Club
Third World Improv
Two Friends Improv Theater
and our many anonymous donors!