Giant Leap Campaign – Major Gifts

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HUGE Improv Theater is raising funds for the purchase of a building that will serve as the theater’s new, larger, permanent home. We invite major gifts of $5000 or more from donors who share our values of community, inclusion, and art.

Our goal is to raise $3.2 million, which would pay for the building and build-out entirely. This would essentially secure the future of HUGE Theater in perpetuity.

Why give to HUGE?

  • HUGE is a worthy cause. HUGE is the only theater in the Twin Cities dedicated to the art form of long-form improvisation, and one of only a few such theaters in the world. It is the lynchpin of a community that has grown exponentially since the theater opened its doors in 2011.
  • HUGE needs your help. HUGE is at capacity in its current, rented facilities. We have waitlists for classes, sold-out performances, and a list of diversity initiatives that we simply don’t have the physical space to accommodate at this time. To continue serving our community the way we should, we need to expand. And we need capital support to make that expansion.
  • Your donation to HUGE goes a long way. While we know $3.2 million is nothing to sneeze at, it is a relatively modest goal in the world of capital fundraising, and the return on your donation will be disproportionately large. You can make a big difference to an entire community of performers, students, and audience members forever. And we have naming rights available for donations $5000 and above.
  • Your donation to HUGE is in good hands. HUGE has a track record of prudent and conservative fiscal planning. And the closer we get to our goal of $3.2 million, the closer we will be to paying off that loan debt and to securing the future of HUGE forever.

We want to talk with you about your philanthropy goals, and where HUGE Theater may fit into them. Please contact Managing Director Sean Dillon at so we can get that conversation started!

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Documents for potential funders:
HUGE’s 501(c)3 verification letter
HUGE’s 2016 990 tax filing
HUGE’s 2017 990 tax filing