BAF/TCIF workshop – Elise Rodriguez “You Can’t F*** Up My Scene”, June 26 1:00-3:30pm CDT

You Can’t F*** Up My Scene
A BAF/TCIF in-person workshop with Elise Rodriguez
Saturday,  June 26, 1:00-3:30pm CDT

This workshop will be in person, indoors at HUGE Theater.
Participants must be fully vaccinated, and enrollment is capped at 10.

We all know it: the moment when your scene partner denies the reality you just created and begins to break all the improv “rules.” SO. WHAT?! This class will teach you how to justify it all, support your scene partner, and create a great scene no matter what. Students will work on exercises to build the confidence that will allow them to remain in the moment in any scene with any scene partner. Students will also learn how to maintain high and playful energy while playing comfortably with spontaneity. Exercises will focus on positive choices and having fun in every single scene.

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Elise Rodriguez
is a Cuban-American performer, teaching artist, and trainer. After transitioning out of a legal career, she decided to pursue the creative arts full-time and never looked back. Elise is a teaching artist at Florida Studio Theatre (FST) in Sarasota, Florida, USA, where she is on the main stage & touring improv casts. She also performs in Treble in Paradise, FST’s musical improv cast; and her self-produced Monolise: a friendly monoscene with Elise. She studied improv in Miami, FL at Just the Funny (JTF) improv comedy theatre where she joined the company as an ensemble cast member as well as performing in JTF’s Spanish improv team, Que Pasa Improv?.

With John Gebretatose of HUGE, Elise hosts The Elise & John Show podcast, showcasing BIPOC voices and culture in improv. She is also on Inside Improv by Curious Comedy Theater, which explores the ins and outs of improv off the stage — from inclusion and equity to business models, to artistic approaches and international perspectives.

Elise teaches across the U.S. and internationally, and is passionate about empowering improvisers to revel in their own authentic creativity and joy in every scene and believes that every scene should be conducted with kindness. If you’re not careful, she will offer you Cuban coffee — and your life will never be the same.


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