HUGE Theater has classes for students at all levels. Your instructors are working professional improvisors. These classes are two hours a week, for ten weeks. Payment plans and scholarships available. If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out the form here

Please read our student handbook to see what you can expect of us and what we’ll expect of you: HUGE Student Policies.

March 3rd update:
Spring classes will be running April-June.
101 classes now available below! Higher level classes will be available for registration next week but check out the dates listed now.

Sections below full or don’t fit your schedule? – You can sign up for the wait list HERE.

Please email with any questions.

Due to COVID19 we are offering online classes!
These classes will be conducted through Zoom
A link to your classroom will be sent out prior to the first class.

beginnerBrand new to improv?  Ready to give it a try?
This is where you start your journey.
This workshop covers introductory improvisational comedy skills: trust, agreement, give and take, and basic scenes with fun guidance.  No experience required, you’re perfectly prepared for this.  Students must be older than 18

ONLINE: 101 HUGE Improv Basics – Saturdays 2pm-4pm CST, 4/3-5/22

ONLINE: 101 HUGE Improv Basics – Mondays 7pm-9pm CST, 4/5-5/24

201Prerequisite: at least one improv class at any improv theater.  Students must be older than 18. – Flexible pricing available.

ONLINE: 201 HUGE Characters – Tuesdays 7-9pm 4/6-5/25

301Prerequisite: at least two improv classes at any improv theater, or instructor permission. Students must be older than 18. Flexible pricing available.

ONLINE: 301 HUGE Scenework – Wednesdays 7-9pm 4/7-5/26

401401 HUGE Ensemble-Building. Prerequisite: Level 301 at HUGE Theater  Students must be older than 18. Flexible pricing available.

ONLINE: 401 HUGE Ensemble Building – Thursdays 7-9pm 4/8-5/27 – currently full – You can sign up for the wait list HERE.

Special Topics, Events and Pods

First Friday of every month
ONLINE: ONE HOUR IMPROV – Fri April 2nd, 6pm-7pm Central Time
This one-time Friday evening course is a quick-hit to give you some bare-bones basics to shake off your fears and bring joy to your life.  With master teachers from the HUGE teaching staff! – Open to students worldwide!


Performing with a Purpose with John G & Molly R – Mondays April 19th, – May 10th – 1:30-3:30pm CST (19:30-21:30 UST) – This workshop speaks directly to those who want to have an in-depth conversation/ create space for crafting performances to directly encounter social justice issues. We will discuss the need for both caution and bravery, the importance of trust and sensitivity, and challenge attendees to expand their understanding of what serves as a “social justice” performance. This workshop will engage attendees in how to manage both the delicate nature of sensitive topics and the brutality of truth with honesty, creativity, and freedom, all while being your hilarious self. From the silly to the serious, we will learn to express ourselves safely to a public who is feeling uncertain of their own safety.

Weekly Solo Improv Workout with Jill Bernard, Wednesdays at noon CST

Teambuilding and Leadership Workshops

button_teambuildingWe are pleased to offer the following workshops, and can also custom-design a workshop to meet your needs!

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