CLASSESHUGE Theater has classes for students at all levels! Your instructors are working professional improvisors. These classes are two hours a week, for ten weeks. Payment plans and scholarships available. If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out the form here

Please read our student handbook to see what you can expect of us and what we’ll expect of you: HUGE Student Policies.

We have three semesters of classes a year: Fall runs Sept-Nov, Winter is Jan-March, and Spring is April-June. – Due to COVID-19, Spring Semester has been pushed back to run June-August.

Registration for our next semester of 101’s will open: “Spring” Session Full
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Registration for higher levels will open: Due to COVID-19, we are planning to run our “Spring” semester late June-August. Currently we plan to open registration on May 1st when we hopefully will have a better idea of the state of social distancing plans for the state through the summer. Until then, take a look at our Virtual classes below!

Please email with questions.

Virtual and Online classes – due to COVID19 we are offering online classes!
These classes will be conducted through Zoom
A link to your classroom will be sent out prior to the first class.

ONLINE: What’s Your Agenda? with James Rone – Saturdays April 11-May 2, 12pm-2pm
In this pod with James Rone of the Mess, Show X and Troubador, we’ll make the most of a platform that limits visual information! If you’ve ever struggled to find and hold on to your “deal”, this may be a good series for you. We’ll practice establishing character, perspective, and agenda all while maintaining awareness of the gifts given to us by the moment in which we’re improvising and the other folks who are in it with us.

ONLINE: Solo Improv with Jill Bernard – Tuesdays April 7-April 28, 7-9pm
There are no “schools” of improv – we are each our own school, which means your solo piece is the ultimate expression of that school. Work with Jill to practice the skills that are universal to most solo pieces – character snapping, stage pictures, and aggressive choices – and also tease out what will make your solo piece unique.

beginnerBrand new to improv?  Ready to give it a try?
This is where you start your journey.
This workshop covers introductory improvisational comedy skills: trust, agreement, give and take, and basic scenes with fun guidance.  No experience required, you’re perfectly prepared for this.  Students must be older than 18

Women Nonbinary Trans & Queer Improv, an intersectional space to amplify voices.  

201Prerequisite: at least one improv class at any improv theater.  Students must be older than 18. – $220+$20 non-refundable deposit.

301Prerequisite: at least two improv classes at any improv theater, or instructor permission. Students must be older than 18. – $220+$20 non-refundable deposit.

401401 HUGE Ensemble-Building. Prerequisite: Level 301 at HUGE Theater  Students must be older than 18. – $220+$20 non-refundable deposit.

Special Topics, Events and Pods

First Friday of every month
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Intensive Classes

2020 HUGE Summer Slam Beginner Intensive JULY 10-12

summerintensive“You Are Enough” with Jill Bernard
August 2020.

Teambuilding and Leadership Workshops

button_teambuildingWe are pleased to offer the following workshops, and can also custom-design a workshop to meet your needs!

Weekly Drop-In Class


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