BAF/TCIF COVID precautions

All live performances in the Black and Funny and Twin Cities Improv Festival will be held outdoors on the roof the Bakken Museum to maximize ventilation.
Audience attendance is capped at 75, in accordance with current guidance.

Seating is in an open grassy area, with a limited number of chairs available for use at the back and perimeter of the audience. Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair. We ask that the audience self-space between parties to allow social distancing.
We request a minimum of 6 feet of space be maintained between the stage and the audience, and performers will not perform within the audience seating area.

We ask that all performers, staffers, and attendees are fully vaccinated.*
Social distancing is encouraged, and mask-wearing is welcome at any time.

Please under no circumstances attend the festival if you currently have or recently had COVID or COVID-like symptoms. We will be happy to refund your and your party’s tickets ahead of the event, if you find yourself in this situation.
*“fully vaccinated” denotes having had all shots in the vaccination series, followed by waiting the requisite period (typically two weeks) for the vaccine to reach maximum effectiveness.

Everybody Get In Here Festival

HUGE is proud to be part of the online Everybody Get In Here Festival. We’re steering the ship on SUNDAY JUNE 6th with our friends at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. 

9am CDT/your time Morning meeting and fun time! Facebook Live
10am CDT/your time“Improv in Slow Spanish” workshop with Feña Ortalli. Register here
12pm CDT/your timeBook Reading: Jill Bernard’s Small Cute Book of Improv read by the author, hosted by John Gebretatose. Facebook Live.
2pm CDT/your timePodcast Recording:  John & Elise. Facebook Live.
BAD DOG BLOCKHosted by our Toronto pals at Bad Dog Theatre!
3pm CDT/your timeTheatresports
4pm CDT/your timeImprov Loves
5pm CDT/your timeExperimental Dinner Show (Everybody in the Kitchen)
7pm CDT/your time BAF/TCIF Preview – a sample size of some groups you’ll see at the combined Black And Funny and Twin Cities Improv Festival the last weekend of June. Facebook Live
8pm CDT/your timeHomemade Improv Jam
11pm CDT/your timeSunday Service from Vancouver on YouTube

The Everybody Get In Here Festival was created to highlight comedy unity and the great work being done in our improv communities around the world. There will be jams, shows, workshops, panels and more from June 4-13! Events and schedules will be posted and streamed on the Everybody Get In Here Festival page with additional content on Twitch and Youtube.

Sixteen Improv Theaters and Organizations have come together to uplift the international improv community!
• Bad Dog Theatre Company
• Black Improv Alliance
• Glossop Improv
• Hideout Theatre
• Highwire Improv
• HUGE Theater
• Improv Comedy Bangalore Community
• Improv MKE
• Lancaster Improv Players
• Queen City Comedy
• Socially Distant Improv
• Today Improv
• The Improv Boost
• Velvet Duke
• World’s Greatest Improv School
• Will Luera Improv

Statement from HUGE on the murder of Daunte Wright

Today we at HUGE join our community in grief and outrage at the death of Daunte Wright at the hands of police. It is maddening to have cause to make a second such statement within a year, decrying the murder of unarmed Black men in our own cities by police forces that seem unwilling or incapable of addressing their fundamental brokenness on race and violence.

No traffic stop for a broken tail light, expired tab, misplaced air freshener, or obscured license plate should ever escalate to the possibility of state-sponsored homicide. And yet, Black and Brown people — especially Black and Brown men — have been terrorized with exactly that. They are RIGHT to fear getting out of their vehicles. They are RIGHT to demand explanations. They are RIGHT to want to run. They have been given every reason.

The curtain has been pulled back, and we’re seeing the ugliness of White Supremacy lurking underneath the veneer of Minnesota Nice. MN is one of the top four worst states for racial equality in the country, and Minneapolis ranks as high as #1 among large cities. With those statistics before us, it is our duty as a Theater to center and uplift the Black voices in our community. It’s our duty to fight apathy.

A policing system rooted in racism caused this tragedy. Those who are meant to protect and serve are instead terrorizing and oppressing. We have to relentlessly demand better. Through protests, through donations, through the ballot box, through our voices, we each have a responsibility to demand fundamental reform.

A statement from HUGE on the attacks in Georgia

Words are never enough, but we write today to express our empathy and support for our Asian-American colleagues, friends, and neighbors. The domestic terrorist attack in Georgia on Tuesday that took the lives of Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, and four others unnamed at this time is part of a larger pattern of violence and hate directed at Asians and Asian Americans since the start of the pandemic. 

Truthfully, White Supremacist violence and discrimination against AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) has existed in this country since its very founding. White Supremacy is antithetical/opposed to everything we at HUGE stand for and believe in, and we’re committed to the fight to dismantle it.

To our AAPI colleagues, friends and neighbors, we know you must be filled with hurt and dread. We hope you can find some healing, and we are here if it would help to reach out. We stand with you in mourning and calls for justice.

Attached is a post from our friends at FAWK which merits amplification far and wide. 

With love, 
Butch, Rita, Jill, John, Sean, and Breanna

HUGE Theater presents Jill Bernard’s Low-Quality Immersive Dinosaur Drive-Thru Experience

On February 28th from 2-4pm, we welcome you to join us in the parking lot of HUGE Theater at 3037 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis MN 55408 for HUGE Theater presents Jill Bernard’s Low-Quality Immersive Dinosaur Drive-Thru Experience.

Recommendations: Enter by traveling east on 31st Street and taking a right onto northbound Lyndale. The entrance is the main parking lot entrance on Lyndale.

Here is the audio track to accompany your journey:

Download & print the Activity Booklet here:
HUGE Theater presents Jill Bernard’s Low-Quality Immersive Dinosaur Drive-Thru Experience downloadable Activity Booklet

Instructions on how to fold your Activity Booklet here:
Dinosaur Activity booklet instructions

Donations welcome!
Venmo: @HUGE-Theater
Cash App: $hugetheater
PayPal: link


Year in Review!

(This is excerpted from our HUGEletter, sent out every other month. Subscribe here )
Happy Holidays friends! 

So. This has been a year, huh? Hope you’re holding up okay, all things considered. Before we launch into a hopefully better 2021, HUGE leadership wanted to take a moment to share… to look back and look ahead.

HUGE in winter. Not THIS winter… a past, more innocent winter.
We had a great Jan-Feb of 2020, with sold-out houses for Throwback Night and Off Book, and robust audiences overall. 
THE SHOW MUST GO ON(LINE)!Even though our physical stage has been closed since March, we’ve seen some wonderful innovation from a lot of different groups. HUGE has been proud to present online performance runs from: The Mess, Show X, Foul Play, OMG!, Toaster, Blackout Founders, Grown! (Hannah Wydeven), Adorable, Lounge-asaurus Rex, Creature Feature, The Mustache Rangers, and Family Dinner.  
BAFIF/TCIFWe normally celebrate Winter turning to Spring with two great improv festivals. The 2020 Black and Funny Improv Festival was originally scheduled for mid-March, and had to be scrapped for safety. The Twin Cities Improv Festival was scheduled to go up (online) in June. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we felt strongly that we couldn’t go on with business-as-usual. In the end, we came to a solution we were proud of: a combined BAFIF/TCIF, featuring online performances by some all-star local groups and an amazing international collective of Black talent and joy, with groups originally scheduled to perform in BAFIF in March. The event was capped with a headlining performance by Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It Anyway. 
IMPROVATHONWe were delighted to present 28 continuous hours of online improv from a whole slew of Twin Cities improvisers (and some international guests!) during our 2020 Improvathon, featuring a headlining performance with Colin Mochrie and Colton Dunn. (More on Improvathon below.) 
YOUTUBEIf you missed them, the performances from all of these events are available for viewing free of charge at HUGE’s Youtube page. Give them a watch! 
COMING UPIn the new year, we’ve got upcoming performance runs from The Mess, Show X, and others. So keep an eye on our website, Instagram, or Facebook!
We started the year with a bang — some of the highest enrollments we’ve ever had! Naturally, our classes since March have moved online. We’ve taught our core curriculum (101-401) adapted to the Zoom online platform, and a wonderful variety of Special Topics classes developed by our faculty. At this point, we have some returning students who have never studied with us any way OTHER than online, which is weird and wonderful and inspiring. 
REGISTER NOW!We’ll soon be enrolling our Winter Session, which includes core curriculum classes, 101-301. We are also offering  (open for registration now) two sections of John Gebretatose’s Performing With a Purpose, focused on directly encountering social justice issues through performance. John’s qualifications here extend beyond his role as HUGE’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion; he is also one of the founders of Blackout Improv, a Twin Cities troupe renowned for using improv to bring focus to the Black experience.

In addition to offering this course, we are also fundraising to support a higher-than-usual number of scholarships for it, because we want to erase any barriers of cost for students to start this valuable journey. If you’d like to support that, you can use this link to donate to this scholarship fund.

Like our community, all of us at HUGE are horrified and outraged by the murder of George Floyd in May. At that time, we released this statement, which holds just as true now as it did then. We don’t repeat that to pat ourselves on the back, but as a reminder of the hard and important work that remains before us as a community-serving organization. While John is our leader in — and the most visible face of — our efforts to keep doing better on matters of diversity, inclusion, and racial justice, every member of our core staff views this as a personal responsibility.  PUTTING IN THE WORKIn addition to the things we’ve touched on elsewhere, here are a few highlights from our efforts this year:Before our closure, we were proud to host Spirit Jam in February 2020, a workshop/jam organized by Patricia Carlberg to raise awareness of disability in improv. It was a beautiful event that brought in a lot of folks who had never been to HUGE or even done improv in the past. Thank you to Patricia, and everyone who took part!John hosted the first two sessions of an online panel series entitled “Reclaiming Our Value”, with sessions for “Black Comedians in America” and “Comedians in America with Disabilities.” We were fortunate to have a star-studded lineup for these panels, including Amber Ruffin of NBC’s Amber Ruffin Show, Colton Dunn of NBC’s Superstore, and Cedric Yarbrough of Comedy Central’s Reno 911. These fantastic discussions are available for view on our Youtube page and highly recommended!We’ve continued to host our monthly BIPOC Improv Jam (BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color), which rapidly made the shift to an online format in March, and has been a great success. We’re especially proud that the BIPOC Jam crew was THE #1 fundraiser for Improvathon 2020. Thanks, friends!It isn’t actually our project, but we want to recommend to you the ongoing weekly discussion series Anti-Racism for Comedy Folx, by Socially Distant Improv. John is a frequent participant, and it’s chock full of entertaining insights into the BIPOC comedy experience that can help us all do better
Exec Dir Butch Roy, Managing Dir Sean Dillon, Admin Breanna CecileArtistic Director Rita BoersmaDirector of Diversity and Inclusion John GebretatoseEducation Director Jill Bernard
Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of announcing that John Gebretatose, currently our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, will be transitioning into the role of Executive Director over the next five years. This decision reflects John’s transformative work in his current role and our desire to make it even more central to HUGE’s efforts and identity. Current Executive Director Butch Roy will transition into the newly created role of Theater Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our space.
  OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, INTO THE… EMBERS?This has been a hard year for HUGE, financially. But it could have been absolutely disastrous, and we’re grateful for all these reasons it wasn’t:
Federal PPP and EIDL loans. HUGE was a recipient of a Payroll Protection Plan loan of $45,900 and an Economic Injury Disaster Loan of $82,700. The EIDL loan will need to be repaid in full with low interest, but helps assure our solvency in the short-term. We are currently in the process of applying for forgiveness of our PPP loan, which — if successful — would essentially transform that $45,900 into a grant. 
Extra support from MSAB. In addition to the Operating Support grants we were already set to receive for 2020, we were thrilled to receive a $15,000 Creative Support for Organizations grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.
Improvathon. This is always our biggest fundraising day of the year, and this year it was even more important than usual. Critically important. And our community showed up hard, and helped HUGE exceed our ambitious but necessary fundraising goal of $50,000… by a margin of $7. After 28 mostly-sleepless hours, we were loopy and delighted to be able to announce that wonderful result. Thank you SO much to everyone who helped make it happen… whether by performing, or fundraising, or giving, or just watching. 
Our donors, members, and supporters. So many of you have stepped up to keep us going this year, whether once or every month. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
A note from Johnny R. Financials (aka Sean the Managing Director):
All of these things were a great big help, and it may sound like we just spent the year raking in the dollars. But the reality is, our earned income dropped to near-zero, March-December of 2020. We had a tiny fraction of our usual shows and classes, and effectively none of our usual bar sales. Our expenses dropped too, but we still had to pay our full lease, service providers, utilities, leadership staff (at 1/4 the usual rate/hours), and all the other expenses that allow a non-profit to survive through a long hiatus without collapsing. And as of November, those expenses totaled over $300K, leaving HUGE with a sizable deficit for the year so far, despite all the assistance.

On a bright note, the federal stimulus bill that just passed Congress includes $15B for entertainment venues nation-wide. We’re hoping we’ll see some relief there that will help us recover.


Here’s the full schedule at this time. We’re over-the-moon excited to welcome Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway) and Colton Dunn (Superstore) as headliners!

Wednesday, Nov 188:00 PMBrotha, Brotha
9:00 PMFoul Play
9:30 PMNudge
10:00 PMBecky (feat. Ron)
10:30 PMFast and Furious Wacky Races
11:00 PMKinda Funny and Also a Little Bit Sad
11:30 PMLast Action Movie
Thursday, Nov 1912:00 AMMurderclown
1:30 AM1+1=Jew
2:00 AMThe Australian Hour
2:30 AMThe Australian Hour (cont.)
3:00 AMThe Apartment
3:30 AMTracktastic! with Bret feat. Deon
4:00 AMIce Cream Social Club
4:30 AMShelly and Ethel
5:00 AMRandomly Chosen
5:30 AMMy Town
6:00 AMImfrog
7:00 AMTheir, Their
7:30 AMJill’s Traveling Duos
8:00 AMJill’s Traveling Duos (cont)
8:30 AMSubatomic Duck
9:00 AMThe Neutrino Video Hour
9:30 AMThe Neutrino Video Hour (cont)
10:00 AMRG Family Funtime
10:30 AMImprovathon Classics
11:00 AMImprovathon Classics (cont)
11:30 AMImprovathon Classics (cont)
12:00 PMHoney Heist
12:30 PMDance Break with Divya
1:00 PM1Up
1:30 PMJill’s Traveling Duos
2:00 PMAdorable
2:30 PMUPDATE/America’s Newest Duo
3:00 PMThe Elise and John Show
3:30 PMReservoir Frogs
4:00 PMDillyDallHaus
4:30 PMToaster
5:00 PMHUGE 101
5:30 PMOddly Now
6:00 PMUnpronouncables
6:30 PMNimblicity
7:00 PMHomemade Jammer
7:30 PMBIPOC Jam
8:00 PMThe Amie and Kristen Show
8:30 PMThe Bearded Company
9:00 PMVelvet Wells
9:30 PMColin and Colton Make Friends
10:00 PMThe Mess
10:30 PMBlackout
11:00 PMLoveJoy
11:30 PMSpeak to the Managers
12:00 AMWe all fall down.

Improvathon 2020 Registration & FAQs!

Improvathon 2020 Registration and FAQs!

Yes, Improvathon is back! Improvisers for HUGE Improv Theater are taking the (virtual) stage — and not giving it back for 28 hours — to raise money for the the non-profit artist-led improvisational theater. It’s a one-of-a-kind fundraising barnstorm that coincides with Give to the Max Day, November 19, an annual event when Minnesotans display their generosity by celebrating and donating to local nonprofits through

Naturally, we’ll be doing things a little differently this year, because we’re moving the whole thing online for safety. Details on the changes in the Performer FAQ below.


Improv Performance Request:

There is an Improvathon kick-off meeting – Wednesday, October 21 at 6pm on Zoom!
Come ask questions, get more info and meet your fellow contenders as we gear up for GTMD2020!


The Improvathon gets underway on Wednesday night, November 18, starting at 8PM, leading up to the official Give to the Max Day start at midnight on Thursday, November 19.

A succession of many local improvisers will lead our online audience through 28 hours of spontaneous, unrehearsed, improvised theater. The program will end at midnight Nov. 19.

The goal of HUGE’s 28-hour Improvathon is to raise funds for the LynLake-area theater and support improvisational theater in the Twin Cities. In addition to producing 500+ shows a year, HUGE teaches 600+ students annually, and supports the education and career development of performing artists.

Admission is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested minimum donation of $10. All performances will be broadcast at HUGE’s Youtube page.


What is Improvathon?
Improvathon is a 28-hour improv marathon fundraiser benefiting HUGE Improv Theater. It is timed to coincide with’s Give to the Max Day, an annual statewide day of giving, on Thursday, November 19, 2019.

What is the schedule?
Starts: Wednesday, November 18 at 8:00PM
Ends: Thursday, November 19 at 11:59PM

So that’s it? 28-hours of improv and fundraising?
Basically! But it ends up being much more. It is a chance for the larger community – students, performers and audience — to connect with each other. In years past, the Improvathon has been the impetus for brand new groups to form. It is also an important opportunity for many students and performers to show their friends and family – inside and outside the Twin Cities — why improv and HUGE are important to them.

Why does HUGE schedule this to coincide with’s Give to the Max Day?
Give to the Max Day (GTMD) is an important arts and nonprofit awareness tool that makes a big impact statewide. By participating in GTMD, we are part of a much larger event, and are supporting fellow Minnesota nonprofits.

In addition, HUGE will be eligible to win $1,000 – $10,000 extra dollars based on incentives from GiveMN.

2020 Prizes include
– $500 Golden Tickets every 15 minutes
– two
 “Power Hour” challenges – each worth $6,000
– hourly $1000 Golden Tickets
– $500 Early Giving Tickets daily, starting Nov 1
– the final $10,000 Golden Ticket!
Every donation through GiveMN on GTMD is an entry to win those prizes.

What are some easy ways I can participate?
Buy a “ticket” and watch some shows – We’ll be broadcasting for 28 straight hours, and it makes a big difference to know people out there are watching.

Host a watch party – Facebook has the capability to start a watch party, so you can invite your friends to watch WITH you! …and maybe donate.

Offer or find a Matching Grant – GiveMN has piles of research that says projects with Matching Grants receive more donations. A Matching Grant can be as small as $100 to be effective. Contact butch at hugetheater dot com if you’re interested.

Donate! – Back one or more teams of your choosing, don’t be shy.

Spread the word– Word of mouth is incredibly important to HUGE, not only for the Improvathon, but for all our shows. If you haven’t reviewed HUGE on Google, consider doing that. Sincere, great reviews are among the most valuable gifts you can give.


What’s new and different in 2020?
Well, the whole thing will be online, so that’s different. All performances will take place in Zoom rooms, and be broadcast via HUGE’s Youtube channel and maybe also Twitch. This has several big impacts:

  • There won’t be an Iron Audience, per se. We don’t expect anyone to watch a screen for 28 straight hours; that would be terrible for your eyes. However, if you want to help us fundraise but do not want to perform, you are still welcome to create a fundraising page (see directions above) to pitch in. And of course you are welcome to tune in for as many performances as you’d like.
  • We won’t need anywhere near as many volunteers, since there won’t be a front desk, a tech booth, or anything to photograph. However we are still looking for volunteers to help run the Zoom rooms in 2-4 hour blocks. If you would like to assist in this way, please contact sean at hugetheater dot com. 
  • We’ll have a Discord text chatroom operating for the duration of the event, where our audience and performers can hang out, connect, enjoy the performances together, and even give requested suggestions for shows.
  • We won’t be supplying t-shirts for performers this year. Which makes us very sad. Since the event isn’t happening at the theater, the logistics and cost of safely distributing the shirts would just be prohibitive. However, if you’re the kind of person who HAS TO HAVE THE SHIRT, we will be creating a design, and shirts will be available for individual purchase at A percentage of each purchase goes to HUGE, so you’d also be supporting the cause!
  • To break things up a little, we’ll be interspersing standard sets with some special projects and staff check-ins. More details to come!

How do I sign up?
The link to the form to request a performance time is:

**registration does not guarantee a spot in the schedule as a Performer – though we will do our best to accommodate requests**

Can I be in more than one group that performs?
Of course! We just ask that you consider how thin you are spreading yourself in terms of time and energy, but also your ability to contribute to each groups’ fundraising goals. Also know that there are a lot of improvisers who want to participate, and so try to leave room for others.

Is there a prize?
Yes! The performer/group that raises the most funds will receive a custom coaching session from a special guest, either in March or during Twin Cities Improv Festival in June. In addition, the group will receive their name on the wall, bragging rights, and a piece of HUGE swag or clothing (TBD).

Pro Tip: Finding matching grants for your group are a great strategy if you want to win the top fundraising prize, but also is a great thing for people that want to give before Give to the Max Day. It is a great way to get the word out and start fundraising right away. At present, we don’t have a matching donor set up. You could get one for your own group. Or ask your work if they donate to 501(c)(3) nonprofits like HUGE.

I’m uncomfortable with fundraising, but I want to perform. Can I just sign up for a performance time?
Not really. Improvathon is HUGE’s biggest annual fundraiser. We are asking each performance time to try to raise at least $350. Our collective goal is $50,000 for the event, so we need all hands on deck. If you are truly uncomfortable asking friends and family to donate, this particular event isn’t the right fit.

We will do our best to make fundraising easy for you – and there are a lot of tools to do that, through’s online donation site and through tips and samples we will provide. Keep in mind, this isn’t about cold calling strangers. You’ll be asking family and friends who know you, and are asking them to support a nonprofit cause that’s personally important to you.

Cool, I will renew my Membership that day for part of my fundraising goal!
Memberships and supporterships — while enormously appreciated — are not handled through GiveMN, and will not count toward Improvathon team goals nor will it count toward the final tally of what is raised during Improvathon.

I don’t see the answer to my question here – who can I contact?
Feel free to send questions to Sean at hugetheater dot com.

What were those registration links again?
Improv Performance Request:

HUGE Hangout Auction Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who bid on fun hangouts with HUGE performers, students and fans. All proceeds went to help HUGE survive and thrive in this tough time. Thank you SO much to everyone who donated a hangout, everyone who bid, and to the dynamic duo of Breanna & Bree who organized the whole shebang!

And now, the winners!
An Hour in the Fake Writers’ Room of Your Choice with Emily Schmidt! Molly Chase
Awkward Date with Dilly Dally! Shea Roberts Gyllen
Become Produce with Ari Newman! Andrew Christian
Craft Puppets with PUPPETS! Jon Reek
Custom LEGO Art with Blake Wanger! Boo Segersin
Eat Dinner and Watch a Movie with The Mess! Erik Ostrom
Homemade Indian Takeout with Abs & Ian! Bree Dalager
HUGE Golden Ticket! Erik Ostrom
HUGE Golden Ticket! Jada Pulley
HUGE Golden Ticket! Heather Baldwin
Jackbox with Casey Haeg! Ariel Lopez
Life Coaching with Taj Ruler! Jon Slock
Making with Kelsey Dilts McGregor! Ariel Lopez
Mending with Kelsey Dilts McGregor! Breanna Cecile
MurderClown Writes Your Obituary! Kristin Turnblom
MurderClown Writes Your Obituary! Jane White
One-on-one Intro to Voiceover Crash Course with Ian Fishman! John Bickford
Photos with Adam Iverson! Andrew Christian
Play Pinball with MJ! Bree Dalager
Resume Review & Alcohol/Ice Cream with Bree! Erin McFerrin
Ryan Klima Will Draw You Literally Anything! Kristen Ragnacci
Sailing with Cliff Zawasky! Erik Ostrom
Sailing with Cliff Zawasky! Matt Axelson
SeaQuest with Subatomic Duck! Jill Bernard
Virtual Puzzle Room with Subatomic Duck! Matt Axelson
Wake & (Egg) Bake with Michael Krefting! Bethany Grimes
Your Horror Story by Sean Dillon! Sean Dillon
Zoom Movie with Subatomic Duck! Ari Newman


Developed in collaboration between Pam Victor and the “Improv Teachers’ Support & Collaboration Group” Facebook group, adapted by HUGE Theater.

  • You have the right to be and feel safe during performances, rehearsals, and classes.
  • You have the right to be treated respectfully.
  • You have the right to set boundaries regarding physical contact and subject matter that might trigger a negative emotional response. You have the right to dictate what kind of physical touch you will receive. 
  • You have the right to immediately step out of any scene, performance, rehearsal, or class in which you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. And you have the right to excuse yourself from any scene or exercise at any time without explanation.
  • You have the right to inform your teacher of anything you want them to know ahead of time, such as physical or emotional conditions that might make playing certain games difficult or uncomfortably challenging.
  • You have the right to speak to any teacher, House Manager, board member, or any other HUGE representative regarding behavior by any person that you feel infringes on your rights. You also have the right to file an anonymous report. 
  • If you are personally aware of any conduct that would have been a violation of your rights if directed toward you, you have the same right to report that conduct as if you were the target.
  • You have the right to define what feels fun and what feels comfortable (and uncomfortable) for you without judgment from others.
  • You have the right to turn down a suggestion you feel is demeaning.
  • You have the right to fail.
  • You have the right to be brilliant.
  • You have the right to love your work.

Exercising any of these rights will not adversely affect your ability to progress in classes, to be cast in or be booked for shows.