A Note on the Giant Leap Campaign

Hey there all you friends of HUGE!

We’re deep in the heart of our Giant Leap Capital Campaign for the purchase of our new building. Thank you all so much for everything all of you have done and given already.

We’ve gotten some really helpful feedback from some folks that a reason they haven’t donated is that they don’t feel like you can make an impact. That they see a $640,000 capital campaign as the sort of thing that is going to depend on a handful of incredibly rich funders, so why bother.

Please know: we ARE going after those great big donations. And we have substantive reasons to believe this fundraising campaign can and will succeed. But we also need our community to step up as much as it can. It makes a very real difference. We’re not a conventional theater organization, and we can’t attack this campaign in a conventional way. We have already raised over $135K in individual donations and pledges alone, and we think with your help we could double that by September.

Our ask of you is $1000. We know that isn’t a small number. Honestly, it is a big number for all of us too. We’ve already seen some really creative and heroic approaches to meeting that target. People are hosting events and shows. People have approached their families, employers, improv teams, and social groups. We’ve also seen thousands of dollars of small donations, via cash, text, or website. Each donation may be a drop in the bucket, but as anyone with a leak can tell you, DROPS FILL BUCKETS. So if $1000 isn’t a number you (or you and your friends) can swing, please swing whatever number you can. It all matters.

The other thing we’ve heard is concern about what happens to the campaign funds, if the purchase of the Arts Materials building falls through. If for any reason that should heartbreakingly occur, it won’t be the end, but a beginning of a longer journey. We will continue seeking out a space where we can make a permanent home, and the funds raised will continue to support that effort, purchase, and build-out. If you’d like to donate, but your donation is contingent on the success of this particular project, please let us know. We want to honor our ethical obligations, with regards to the use of your donations.

Right now, there is another matching opportunity to help people’s donations go further. HUGE’s Board of Directors is putting up matching funds for up to $5000 in donations. To contribute to meeting that match, give at the link below.

Thank you all for EVERYTHING you are doing to help make HUGE — and this campaign — a success. We are awed by the community we get to serve.

Love, HUGE

AUDITION NOTICE: Creature Feature & Ka-Baam!!

We are holding JOINT audition times for two shows coming to HUGE this Fall: Creature Feature and Ka-Baam!

YES – you may absolutely audition for both of the shows listed!

We will collect responses and send audition schedules as quickly as possible – rehearsal and performance schedules are listed below
Signups will close June 2nd, or when time slots are full.

Creature Feature
directors: Anna Tobin & Brian Hodge-Rice

KaBaam!! the improvised comic book:  
director: Doug Neithercott
assistant director: TBA

The Details

Saturday 6/8 – 3pm-7pm
Tuesday 6/11 – 5:30pm-10pm

Callbacks for Ka-Baam!! will be held Saturday 6/15, 3-6p if needed to see more of your skills.
Callbacks for Creature Feature will be held Tuesday 6/18, 5:30-10pm if needed to see more of your skills.

Creature Feature – Sept/Oct on Fridays at 8pm
KaBaam!! – Sept/Oct on Saturdays at 8pm

Please check to make sure you are able to make the scheduled rehearsal times for the show(s) you would like to audition for – rehearsals will run 8-10 weeks, cast are expected to miss no more than 2 rehearsals.

Creature Feature – Wednesdays 6pm-8pm, July 10 – Sep 4

Ka-Baam!! – Tu 7/16, 8p-10p
Tu 7/23, 8-10p
Sun 7/28, 11a-2p
Sun 8/4, 11a-2p
Tu 8/6, 8p-10p
Sun 8/11, 11a-2p
Tu 8/20, 8p-10p
Tu 8/27, 8p-10p
Tu 9/3, 8p-10p


If you have any questions about auditions or casting – please email

2019 HUGE Hangout Auction winners and total

Another HUGE Hangout Auction has opened and closed – full of fun, weird ideas – and contributed to the continuing operations of this strange and wonderful place.
We would like to thank all the improvisers who donated their time to create an auction item and all the bidders that fought and won the following…


Lane Takes You Out for Coffee and Writes Music for YOU! – Taylor Eichinger
Second Breakfast with Second Breakfast! – Bree Dalager
Cooking Class with a Partner! – Jamie Boncyzk
Duo with Kennedy! – Peter Semington
Fiasco with The Frogs! – Kate Button
Photos with Adam Iverson! – Kenneth Solberg
Go to a Recovery Meeting with Ally Rae! – Anonymous
Be the Dall of DillyDallHaus! – Andy Christian
Help Trap Jesters in an Escape Room! – Andy Christian
Take a Cat for a Walk with Breanna! – Ariel Lopez
Meet your Murderer with Foul Play! – Mara Emmons
Throw Axes with Bree! – Shea Roberts Gyllen
Cool Bug Facts with Will and Bret! – Alison Haider
Be a guest on the Food Scientists Podcast! – Julietta Benson
Backstreet Boys Live with Bryce Kalal! – Gurayn Sylte
Classic Video Game Day with Bryce Kalal! – Jeff Roberts Gyllen
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Ariel Lopez
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Katie Novak
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Erik Ostrom
Video Game help from Chris Ragnacci! – Max Hallum
The Ultimate Introvert Hangout (arty edition)! – Mara Emmons
The Ultimate Introvert Hangout (poetry edition)! – Craig Corsi
Reading of Cody Madison’s Bad High School Play – Shea Roberts Gyllen
Play D&D with David Lipkin and Edd Jones! – Bree Dalager
Arboretum with I’m A Trio! – Andy Christian
Trick or Treating with MurderClown! – Breanna Cecile
Karaoke with The Shrieking Harpies! – Mary Wright
Drink Locally Made Craft Beer (or Cocktails) with Heather Baldwin! – Michael Deneen
Dinner and a Play at The Jungle Theater with Heather Baldwin! – Mary Wright
Brunch with Subatomic Duck! – Cynthia Rodriguez
Personal Record Store Day with Ian Fish Man! – Tim Hellendrung
Duo with Jill Bernard: OUT-OF-TOWN BIDS ONLY! – Jay Revis
Duo with Jill Bernard: LOCAL BIDS ONLY! – Anthony Armstrong
Happy Harvest Day! – Shea Roberts Gyllen
8th Wheelin’ with Fifth Wheel! – Andy Christian
Night out with Bad Spiders! – Cody Madison
Museum day with STEMprov! – Bree Dalager
DUO with DallaValle! – John Bickford
Lunch with Marg and Carol Lyn! – Keith Dalluhn
Storytelling Coaching with Paul Normandin! – Kate Button
Everything + Phil Schramm! – Justin Betancourt
Cancel Plans with Will Roberts! – Erin Kennedy 


Raised a grand total (before fees) of $4310.73 to support HUGE Theater!!
THANK YOU a million times, glorious weirdos.

Thursday, April 11 classes CANCELLED!

Hi Thursday students,
In light of our quasi-end-times weather, we are calling off tonight’s classes. We’ll get back to you about the plans for a make up class. Stay safe.

Audition Announcement: Bummertown!

Bummertown is adding cast members for their upcoming run at HUGE Improv Theater in July and August. (9:30PM Fridays)

Auditions are Saturday, April 13, at HUGE. If you’re interested in auditioning, please fill out Audition Interest Form by midnight, March 30.

Important Dates and More Information About the Show:

Bummertown is an improvised show that offers a fresh look at the intersection of comedy and sad comedy – major downers and hilarity, intertwined. The show is an independent production created by Dan Jaquette and directed by Molly Chase. 

Bummertown is seeking ensemble members who have 3+ years performance experience and who are interested in treating serious topics with truth and humor. We’re seeking performers who are comfortable giving/taking focus and building scenes through honest action and reaction.

– Six rehearsals will be scheduled. Five rehearsals will be Saturday mornings  at HUGE, from 10am to noon in May and June. (The schedule avoids the weekends of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and TCIF.) The sixth rehearsal will be scheduled mid-run, with the date determined by full cast availability.

– Auditions will be held the afternoon of Saturday, April 13, at HUGE. If you cannot be available that day, but still want to be considered for the cast, you can indicate that in the form

Feel free to send any questions to Thanks!

– The audition schedule will be emailed on or before Tuesday, April 2.

Show Proposals Open !

Yay! It’s March 1st and you know what that means! Well, you might not because this is the first time it means this, but…the HUGE Show Proposal Form is back open! We will be taking show submissions from March 1st-30th to book for the second half of the year. We’re so excited to hear from you. All the info is in the form but if you have any additional questions, email

If you do not see the form below – click HERE


Due to the winter storm warning and expected road conditions, we are cancelling the HUGE Wednesday show this evening – stay home, warm and safe!

Big Membership News!!

HUGE Love!

Friends of HUGE Theater!

This is HUGE’s Managing Director Sean Dillon. Hi! Hello! How are you? I am posting because we have exciting news to share: HUGE is doing a big revamp of our membership program, to help more of our community enjoy a greater sense of connection to the theater. Now is the time to join your friends on the Member list!

Why are our members so important? Because they help us accomplish all these things:

  • Financial stability for the theater
  • Opportunities for students to study improv, regardless of their economic situation
  • Subsidies for programs that make our improv community richer in diversity
  • Space to take risks on ambitious shows, groups, and projects that may not always break even

And what does the revamp actually mean? Well…

  • We’re moving to a new, fancier platform called NeonCRM to track memberships and donations, helping us better serve our contributors, and making accidentally lapsed memberships a thing of the past.
  • We’re adding new “Supporter” tiers, down to $5 per month, to make engagement more achievable for more folks.
  • And… we’re adding new thank-you benefits for all our Supporters and Members!

Check out our Donate page to see all the levels and benefits, and to sign up today. ALL active Members and Supporters signed up by the end of our “HUGE Love” Valentine’s member drive on Feb 28 will receive a commemorative 2019 HUGE challenge coin that won’t be available any other way. So don’t wait! Come join us in showing HUGE some love. This is a challenging time for theaters and other non-profits, but you can help us keep us going strong!

Sean Dillon
Managing Director
HUGE Improv Theater

February 5 – classes cancelled

HUGE CLASSES CANCELLED TONIGHT TUESDAY FEB 5. The semester will be extended through March 26th, which means March 19th and 26th are added dates. (Class on 26th will start at 6pm so we can have a showcase at 8pm! )

Drop In Class is cancelled too!