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There's no me and no you – it's just us

We had a couple ladies come in on Sunday with a Deal Chicken deal – basically just a 2-for-1 we ran through a local promotion called Deal Chicken – but she had also purchased a ticket for a third person that wouldn’t be joining them. She could have asked to refund the purchased ticket, and… Read more »

Most regular people would say "It's hard"

Completed a project that made me really happy today – and it ended up being a lesson in Number 6 from my lessons from being a tech blog. One of the struggles with the space is…space. And I created some today, that alone makes me happy, but the challenge of coming up with creative solutions is… Read more »

It Ain't About the Tunnel, it's the Light at The End

Been meaning to sit down and blog for a while now but I’ve been a bit conflicted about it – on one hand I want very much to be really transparent and up front about how things are going on the business end of things but at the same time, I feel like part of… Read more »

The Pushback

A 30 mile estimation (that would be as the crow flies) to the nearest filling station…dangerous but worth a try The shell of a building is slowly turning into a theater – the walls are primed and measurements have been taken, the city has moved our stack of papers from one desk to the next… Read more »

Baby Steps!

I am writing to you from inside the HUGE Theater space, because Comcast stopped by today to install internet and phone, hooray!! We’re just waiting for some final details with the city this week and then construction will start in earnest.  Butch has been doing the little things you can do to get ready –… Read more »