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Happy Hour with the Board 2015

August 13, 2015 – About 40 people attended this year’s Open House and Meeting, where Butch Roy, Jill Bernard, Molly Chase, and Nels Lennes presented. (Everyone enjoyed reminding each other that Butch had recently returned from being at sea.) Adam Iverson took photos and Kevin Albertson presented tips for promoting your shows, events or groups via social media… Read more »

Solo Improv Advice from Jill Bernard

Jill Bernard here!  People often ask me how to do solo improv, which is one of those questions you have to answer yourself because solo improv is uniquely you, it doesn’t have to work like group improv. You have no obligation to do anything but weave together a piece that highlights everything you love about… Read more »

Welcome to the Twin Cities Improv Community!

Welcome to the Twin Cities Improv Community Are you an improviser new to Minneapolis or St. Paul? Wondering about the local improv scene? You’re in luck – you’ve arrived at a place filled with opportunity and creativity. We’re glad you’re here.   How can I get involved in the Twin Cities improv community? Sign up… Read more »

Weekend ticketing at HUGE

Our weekend “Pay Once, Stay All Night” ticketing is one of the hardest things to explain quickly and causes a bit of confusion when things sell out – both of which I will try to explain here. Friday and Saturday Nights – Pay Once, Stay All Night – When you purchase a ticket for the… Read more »

My blurry vision saw nothing wrong.

I’m still writing up the next “State of HUGE” post that will be ready sometime after tomorrow – there are things in there I want to say on stage tomorrow and I’m sure I will forget, so it will be a nice follow up to my emotional ramblings – but I wanted to put together… Read more »