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Most regular people would say "It's hard"

Completed a project that made me really happy today – and it ended up being a lesson in Number 6 from my lessons from being a tech blog. One of the struggles with the space is…space. And I created some today, that alone makes me happy, but the challenge of coming up with creative solutions is… Read more »

If revolution isn't what's in store, how can you care anymore?

HUGE build blog: Waiting The boring updates are as follows: The drywall guy is STILL going.  The Minneapolis electrical inspector just didn’t show for the inspection last week, which pushed everyone else back as well.  The wall guy was waiting for the inspector so he can close the walls, the electricians are waiting for the… Read more »

Just a little thought and a lot of feeling

Here it is, a little time to sit down and type before the real insanity takes hold – tomorrow morning at 7am the build officially begins in the space with the delivery and assembly of the lobby walls and the restroom plumbing.  I never thought I would be so excited about those two things. We… Read more »

A Tour of HUGE Theater

If you’d like to see how the space looks right now, here’s a little video tour featuring Butch Roy!

Build Blog 1

It’s been just over a week since we signed the lease and the space became “our” space and since then HUGE has been taking up a great deal of my conscious time (as well as my more stressful nightmares) – getting paperwork filled out, doing press interviews, getting price quotes, looking for sponsors and generally… Read more »