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Target practice on the cactus, low on ammo, no supplies…

Two big things this week, so it seems to be time for another blog :: The bar is open! Last night, HUGE served the first drinks from our newly-approved bar area.  It has been a long, tedious, expensive and frustrating process that often felt like it was going nowhere – insert joke about it driving… Read more »

Please do not feed the robots

Here is the weird HUGE schedule for the next couple weeks as we prep for the improv festival and get the bar area built (and a couple other surprises) – we will be working furiously to get everything ready in a few short days but there are still a couple dates to get your improv… Read more »

a Rut becomes a Groove, becomes a Grave

HUGE updates :: Inspections – After being open for a few months, someone apparently realized we had yet to undergo a couple of important inspections and sent the appropriate people our way with clipboards in hand. Thankfully, we are not in trouble or at odds with the city over anything. They are doing their due… Read more »

We drink, we dry up and now we crumble into dust.

Something new every day – that has been the mantra at HUGE during the daylight hours.  We don’t mess around. I do actually try to get something new done or added to the theater every working day I have there, big or small, partly as a way to keep myself from getting overwhelmed by the… Read more »

You couldn't have come at a better time

A quick blog update. It happened! You guys donated $5000!! That’s incredible! Here’s me handing my check to HUGE Theater President Butch Roy. (We need to work on our check-receiving faces.) Thanks, you guys. I said earlier that people might’ve felt bad about making me spend my own money, but the truth is, it is… Read more »

Insert Obscure Song Lyric Here

Butch normally writes these bloggie thingies, but I thought I’d hop in here for a second. Through March 31, I’m offering $5000 of my own money as a matching grant, to try to get some traction for HUGE.   It’s true, I’m not rich.  I haven’t had a day job since I got laid off… Read more »

Our struggle still feels wonderful most days

“This shouldn’t hurt…but you might feel a slight discomfort” We are struggling to clear the gap right now, today I am pushing out our continued effort to raise funds via the member campaign. I wish I didn’t have to badger the people I know for money and could just keep pushing out optimistic updates on… Read more »