COVID mitigation policies for HUGE classes

For the sake of clarity, HUGE Theater wants to spell out our policies with regards to COVID-19 and classes in more detail. This is where we currently stand:

  • All students, teachers, staff, and volunteers of HUGE Theater must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be on-site at HUGE. “Fully vaccinated” means that the individual has received the full series of vaccinations (2 each for Moderna and Pfizer, 1 for Johnson & Johnson) and 14 days have elapsed since the final dose.
  • All students and teachers are required to be masked, with the mask covering both nose and mouth, anytime they are inside the building.
  • If a student or teacher contracts COVID-19, they may not attend class until they have recovered and tested negative for the virus twice, at least 24 hours apart.
  • If a student or teacher has been exposed to COVID-19, they may not attend class until they have received a negative result from a COVID test taken at least 3 days after the exposure.
  • If a student or teacher lives in a household with someone who has contracted COVID, they may not attend class until the household member has recovered, and the student/teacher has taken a test and gotten a negative result.
  • In any case where a student or teacher may have unintentionally exposed a class to COVID, that individual should alert Jill Bernard ( as soon as possible, so that the rest of the class can be notified.
  • We do not wish to punish students for responsible behavior, so any weeks a student must miss due to contracting or being exposed to COVID, they may request a discount/refund for that portion of their tuition.

Our foremost concern, always, is the well-being of our community. There is no improv that is worth our staff or students contracting a potentially deadly disease. While we believe that the measures we have in place greatly mitigate this possibility, we also recognize that no in-person group contact is wholly without risk. So we thank you for taking all reasonable measures in helping taking care of each other during these challenging times.

Further information on HUGE’s policies and practices in response to COVID-19 can be found here: