Welcome Back! Fall 2021 Show Schedule

The schedule for Fall is ready and we’re super excited to get back to our more regular show schedule (masked and with proof of vaccination, of course!). We looked first to reach out and reschedule shows that lost their run in 2020 and because of that, as well as a relatively quick ramp-up to get back at it, some of our yearly ongoing productions are taking a little nap this year to make room (see you next time, Creature Feature!).

We are very excited to welcome back HUGE Wednesdays, Improv-A-Go-Go as well as our weekend lineups. So here’s all the fun, and we do mean ALL the fun, that is coming at you for September and October.

FRIDAYS (Sept 3rd – Oct 29th)

8 pm – Foul Play: An Improvised Agatha Christie

Secrets! Intrigue! Scandal! Deceit! Suspense! MURDER. An improvised mystery in the style of Agatha Christie.

9:30 pm – Brotha Brotha

Twin Cities-based Improv duo. Fast. Hilarious. Inspired. Indescribable tbh. And aside from being Black this is NOTHING like 90s TV show Sister, Sister.

10:30 pm – The Bearded Co. presents Bearded High

Hang out with the students at Bearded High as they navigate the complicated waters of teenage life. At Bearded High, you can be whoever you want to be.  But that’s the big question. Who, exactly, do you want to be?

SATURDAYS (Sept 4th – Oct 30th)

8 pm – Shrieking Harpies

The Shrieking Harpies present an improvised musical that will make you see the magic around you.

9:30 pm – Guts & Teeth

Guts & Teeth are hyper-jubilant soul-septuplets who make epic stage-cartoons about the nightmares of the modern world.

10:30 pm – Bad Poets Society

Bad Poets Society is a collection of improvisers/poets of questionable talent. Together, we weave together scenes and spontaneous spoken word. Sometimes, it’s good. Always, it’s ART.

HUGE WEDNESDAYS (Sept 1st – Oct 27th) at 8pm


Odechrome – Becky Wilkinson Hauser and Adam Iverson

One Decent Channel – One Decent Channel is improv veterans Nels Lennes and Butch Roy performing the Monoscene. The entire set consists of one long scene, rather than a series of scenes. More “tiny one act play” than a series of scenes, Nels and Butch take a suggestion and explore with patience and deliberateness.

Identity Crisis – C Michael Menge (they & he) and Chip Gehring (they/them) take you through a chaotic montage of trans gay nonsense! They queer connection with silliness, heart, and a healthy dose of panic.

Babe Train presents Sleepover! – Do you remember staying up way past your bedtime? Whispering secrets under the covers? IM-ing your crush with your friends? Sleepover is a nostalgia-filled narrative about the wildest sleepovers ever had. Join us for a night of silly, nostalgic, sometimes nightmarish fun. So buckle up, your BFFs mom just called and you’re invited to a sleepover! Sweet dreams…xoxo, Babe Train

You can grab your tickets for any and all of it here! Can’t wait to see you.