BAF/TCIF COVID precautions

All live performances in the Black and Funny and Twin Cities Improv Festival will be held outdoors on the roof the Bakken Museum to maximize ventilation.
Audience attendance is capped at 75, in accordance with current guidance.

Seating is in an open grassy area, with a limited number of chairs available for use at the back and perimeter of the audience. Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair. We ask that the audience self-space between parties to allow social distancing.
We request a minimum of 6 feet of space be maintained between the stage and the audience, and performers will not perform within the audience seating area.

We ask that all performers, staffers, and attendees are fully vaccinated.*
Social distancing is encouraged, and mask-wearing is welcome at any time.

Please under no circumstances attend the festival if you currently have or recently had COVID or COVID-like symptoms. We will be happy to refund your and your party’s tickets ahead of the event, if you find yourself in this situation.
*“fully vaccinated” denotes having had all shots in the vaccination series, followed by waiting the requisite period (typically two weeks) for the vaccine to reach maximum effectiveness.