Everybody Get In Here Festival

HUGE is proud to be part of the online Everybody Get In Here Festival. We’re steering the ship on SUNDAY JUNE 6th with our friends at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. 

9am CDT/your time Morning meeting and fun time! Facebook Live
10am CDT/your time“Improv in Slow Spanish” workshop with Feña Ortalli. Register here
12pm CDT/your timeBook Reading: Jill Bernard’s Small Cute Book of Improv read by the author, hosted by John Gebretatose. Facebook Live.
2pm CDT/your timePodcast Recording:  John & Elise. Facebook Live.
BAD DOG BLOCKHosted by our Toronto pals at Bad Dog Theatre!
3pm CDT/your timeTheatresports
4pm CDT/your timeImprov Loves
5pm CDT/your timeExperimental Dinner Show (Everybody in the Kitchen)
7pm CDT/your time BAF/TCIF Preview – a sample size of some groups you’ll see at the combined Black And Funny and Twin Cities Improv Festival the last weekend of June. Facebook Live
8pm CDT/your timeHomemade Improv Jam
11pm CDT/your timeSunday Service from Vancouver on YouTube

The Everybody Get In Here Festival was created to highlight comedy unity and the great work being done in our improv communities around the world. There will be jams, shows, workshops, panels and more from June 4-13! Events and schedules will be posted and streamed on the Everybody Get In Here Festival page with additional content on Twitch and Youtube.

Sixteen Improv Theaters and Organizations have come together to uplift the international improv community!
• Bad Dog Theatre Company
• Black Improv Alliance
• Glossop Improv
• Hideout Theatre
• Highwire Improv
• HUGE Theater
• Improv Comedy Bangalore Community
• Improv MKE
• Lancaster Improv Players
• Queen City Comedy
• Socially Distant Improv
• Today Improv
• The Improv Boost
• Velvet Duke
• World’s Greatest Improv School
• Will Luera Improv