Statement from HUGE on the murder of Daunte Wright

Today we at HUGE join our community in grief and outrage at the death of Daunte Wright at the hands of police. It is maddening to have cause to make a second such statement within a year, decrying the murder of unarmed Black men in our own cities by police forces that seem unwilling or incapable of addressing their fundamental brokenness on race and violence.

No traffic stop for a broken tail light, expired tab, misplaced air freshener, or obscured license plate should ever escalate to the possibility of state-sponsored homicide. And yet, Black and Brown people — especially Black and Brown men — have been terrorized with exactly that. They are RIGHT to fear getting out of their vehicles. They are RIGHT to demand explanations. They are RIGHT to want to run. They have been given every reason.

The curtain has been pulled back, and we’re seeing the ugliness of White Supremacy lurking underneath the veneer of Minnesota Nice. MN is one of the top four worst states for racial equality in the country, and Minneapolis ranks as high as #1 among large cities. With those statistics before us, it is our duty as a Theater to center and uplift the Black voices in our community. It’s our duty to fight apathy.

A policing system rooted in racism caused this tragedy. Those who are meant to protect and serve are instead terrorizing and oppressing. We have to relentlessly demand better. Through protests, through donations, through the ballot box, through our voices, we each have a responsibility to demand fundamental reform.