Whaaa? Fun online shows? YES!

Hi hi! So, we’re still in the midst of it all and missing everyone desperately. We wish our stage could be filled and our theater sold out, but alas, 2020. Anyway, maybe you’ve seen that we’ve recently put together a small bit of online content over on our YouTube Channel to keep HUGE in your hearts and your funny bones. And if you haven’t already seen some of the awesome new online shows happening, here’s a little rundown for your peepers:


It’s 9 O’Clock Somewhere: The Lounge-asaurus Rex MORNING SHOW!(at 11:59am)
(Wednesdays at 11:59a CDT Aug 19th – Sept 9th)

Whether you’re just rolling out of bed or eating lunch – 11:59am is technically morning and this is a MORNING SHOW. Join Lounge-asaurus Rex LIVE (virtually) for a stiff cup of improvised music and laughs. Savor in silence or you can be in the theater with Rex via Zoom (the link will be posted in the FB event and in the YouTube comments) to help inspire epic songs and crisp hot banter that goes great with pancakes – or a sandwich. Good times and deliciously over-the-top improv will (re)start your day RIGHT – It’s 9 O’Clock Somewhere! Wednesdays (hump day) at 11:59am.
Bed head encouraged. Pants optional.

(Fridays at 8p CDT through Aug 31st)

GROWN! is a musical adventure, exploring the pains of growing up. Hannah Wydeven improvises an entire 1-person musical about the trials and tribulations of become an adult.
Each week the show is improvised on camera, including every song. Hannah hears the song for the first time right in front of your very eyes!

Music provided by Austen Fisher. The show is filmed by Josh Kaplan and edited to remove transitions, but it is all done in one take and fully improvised from start to finish.

Join us LIVE on YouTube every Friday in August at 8 pm. Watching live is the best way, as you can comment along with other audience members as the show airs.

Blackout Founders & Friends
(Fridays at 930p CDT through Aug 31st)

It’s been nearly 4 years since the Founders of Blackout have produced a show and, well, a lot has happened since then. Trump took office, Game of Thrones delivered the worst series finale, we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic and after George Floyd was murdered by police, the world set on fire against white supremacy and police brutality. This show will celebrate some Black joy and some Black truth by bringing in different BIPOC guests each week from Minneapolis and beyond. We’ll have some open and honest discussions and then do some improv inspired by those talks. So buckle up, we have a lot to unpack. The Founders are John Gebretatose, Alsa Bruno, Andy Hilbrands, Joy Dolo and Kory Laquess Pullam

Join us LIVE on YouTube every Friday in August at 930 pm. Watching live is the best way, as you can comment along with other audience members as the show airs.

(Saturdays at 7p CDT through Sept 5th)

Weird, sweet, often funny: Veteran improv performers Butch Roy and Jen Scott, navigate two other people’s relationship in the most awkward way possible.


(Sundays at 6p CDT)

Through the miracle of Zoom, watch small scenes pop up as quickly as toast. Featuring a revolving cast of amazing local improvisors and special guests put together by Jill Bernard. You never know who is going to pop up!

And the return of CREATURE FEATURE! An all new, made for the internet version of one of our flagship shows.

We tasked 2019 Creature Feature Directors Anna Tobin and Brian Hodge-Rice to put a new spin on this old classic and we’re super excited to see what they’ve come up with for your online eyes. We’ve pulled together a great cast of some Creature Feature veterans as well as some folks new to the show, featuring Shoshana Daniels, Casey Haeg, Becky Hauser, Josh Kaplan, Sam Fathallah, Erin Kennedy, Matt Prindle, Maureen Tubbs, and Duck Washington.

Creature Feature is an improvised monster movie and this year it will scare your socks off via Zoom over on HUGE’s YouTube Channel Fridays at 8p CST this fall.


We hope you’ll join us for some or all of the fun over on HUGE’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t already become a subscriber, please do! Then you’ll always get show alerts because how do you even track time anymore? Donations are always welcome either to the artists directly (their Venmo/Paypal gets posted in the chats) and/or to HUGE at giveHUGE.com.

And stay tuned as we continue to work through and adjust to the theater world as it is now. It’ll keep changing. But we’re here and we love you.