Samantha Pereira Scholars

Every semester, HUGE Theater names a Samantha Pereira Scholar to recognize a scholarship recipient of exceptional merit. Samantha Pereira was one of our teachers; also a performer, director and a beautiful person who passed away in December 2015.  She had a special interest in introducing improv to newcomers — we choose a Samantha Pereira Scholar who is just the sort of student and human she would have really cherished. Here is a list of the scholars to date:

Winter 2016 – Allison Dahlberg
Spring 2016 – William Sobolwski
Fall 2016 – Shauna Madison
Winter 2017 – Mawrgyn Roper
Spring 2017 – Jada Pulley
Fall 2017 – Mairead Koehler
Winter 2018 – Bahea Manasrajr
Spring 2018 – Eden Yosief
Fall 2018 – C Michael Menge
Winter 2019 – Tri M Vo
Spring 2019 – Kristin Thompson
Fall 2019 – Dorian Beal
Winter 2020 – Dolly Heart