Farewell, friend

Ian Welch – Improviser of the Year 2016

So often in this community, I hear people say “I don’t remember how we met” about someone that they find themselves close to – which is a tribute to the openness of the people in it and the trust and acceptance that prevails so often in these spaces. Very often the connections come fast and close without a great deal of effort needed and it’s easy to feel you’ve met people that are now a part of your life, which makes it all the more difficult when our community loses someone like Ian Welch.

I remember seeing Ian’s first show in the Improv A Go Go – it was a solo improvised spooky horror genre piece and Ian was clearly nervous but never backed away from the vision he was going for and never rushed through it – I was struck by how bold it was for a new performer and how patient it was, surely rooted in the style that Ian clearly enjoyed.
It was weird, it was quiet, it was brave and it was different than anything else on stage that night.

It was the experience that stands out when I think about Ian.
Ian was as generous and genuine off stage as he was on stage – always curious and interested in what others were creating and learning from everyone around him – as well as being a thoughtful and adventurous creator who was always willing to share his next idea or recommend a book or just quietly share the space and listen.

He was always eager to learn from artists around him and brought his unique voice to every project, which is why it is no surprise that we’ve heard from so many people that got to perform with Ian, even for a short time or on a few occasions, letting us know what an impact he had on them.

What Ian brought to the stage – or to any room he was in – stirred the people around him
The moments and laughter he was part of were that much better because of him.
His sudden loss leaves a great space and sadness that touches everyone around us.

We will miss you, Ian
Thank you for these beautiful memories you left with us.

– Butch Roy
On behalf of the Board and leadership at HUGE