Capital campaign rollercoaster

Hey friends! Today we shared some important information about the Giant Leap Capital Campaign in our August HUGEletter.

Some great news . . .

Giant Leap around the world!
This past weekend, 12 improv companies across the United States, from coast to coast — and in the Philippines! — performed shows to benefit and support the Giant Leap capital campaign, turning this into a truly worldwide effort. No word yet on the full impact, but we do know this generated at least one $10K donation from a friend of the Bearded Company LA. So we’re pretty chuffed about that and just wildly grateful to everyone involved.
A gigantic match…
Thank you to everyone who participated in Lorinda Chagnon’s $10,000 matching pool. We are thrilled to announce that the $30,000 match checkto those funds has arrived and been deposited to the campaign!
A big ol’ milestone…
With the help of the donations above and many others, we have surpassed $160,000, putting us over 25% of the way to our $640,000 goal! 242 people and groups have donated to the campaign, with over 60 giving $1000 or more. You are all so amazing.

. . . and some rollercoaster news

In mid-July, we received the disappointing news that one of our lenders — one of the institutions we were depending upon for a loan — was withdrawing its support, based on our level of fundraising to date. This was obviously devastating news for us to receive, and we feared it would mean the end of our attempt to purchase 2728 Lyndale. Truthfully, it still might.However, all is not lost. On the contrary, there is a strong possibility that we could find ourselves in an even better situation than before. We are waiting, with well-founded optimism, on some news that — if it goes the way we hope it will — would allow us to move forward with the occupancy and eventual ownership of 2728 Lyndale… and to do so without having to hit the $640K fundraising mark by September 1.As you can imagine, we are waiting on tenterhooks for the outcome of this news, because frankly, the success of this particular purchase probably depends on it. We’ve been told to expect an answer at the end of August. So in the meantime, we’re in kind of a state of limbo.What isn’t in a state of limbo is our continued need to raise capital funds. Whether we get good news or bad news at the end of August, we are going to move out of 3037 Lyndale and into a permanent home at our earliest opportunity, and in the long run, we will need the funds to do it. So thank you to everyone who has donated… we are in awe of your generosity. Over $160K to date, mostly from individual donors, is a gobsmacking achievement. And we’ve still got a full month in the initial drive. 

If you’ve been holding off donating to see whether the 2728 Lyndale project will move forward, please don’t wait. Your contribution is an opportunity to make a great big difference, no matter what. You’ll be helping us create this space, or you’ll be making an even bigger difference on the next one.