2019 HUGE Hangout Auction winners and total

Another HUGE Hangout Auction has opened and closed – full of fun, weird ideas – and contributed to the continuing operations of this strange and wonderful place.
We would like to thank all the improvisers who donated their time to create an auction item and all the bidders that fought and won the following…


Lane Takes You Out for Coffee and Writes Music for YOU! – Taylor Eichinger
Second Breakfast with Second Breakfast! – Bree Dalager
Cooking Class with a Partner! – Jamie Boncyzk
Duo with Kennedy! – Peter Semington
Fiasco with The Frogs! – Kate Button
Photos with Adam Iverson! – Kenneth Solberg
Go to a Recovery Meeting with Ally Rae! – Anonymous
Be the Dall of DillyDallHaus! – Andy Christian
Help Trap Jesters in an Escape Room! – Andy Christian
Take a Cat for a Walk with Breanna! – Ariel Lopez
Meet your Murderer with Foul Play! – Mara Emmons
Throw Axes with Bree! – Shea Roberts Gyllen
Cool Bug Facts with Will and Bret! – Alison Haider
Be a guest on the Food Scientists Podcast! – Julietta Benson
Backstreet Boys Live with Bryce Kalal! – Gurayn Sylte
Classic Video Game Day with Bryce Kalal! – Jeff Roberts Gyllen
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Ariel Lopez
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Katie Novak
HUGE Golden Ticket! – Erik Ostrom
Video Game help from Chris Ragnacci! – Max Hallum
The Ultimate Introvert Hangout (arty edition)! – Mara Emmons
The Ultimate Introvert Hangout (poetry edition)! – Craig Corsi
Reading of Cody Madison’s Bad High School Play – Shea Roberts Gyllen
Play D&D with David Lipkin and Edd Jones! – Bree Dalager
Arboretum with I’m A Trio! – Andy Christian
Trick or Treating with MurderClown! – Breanna Cecile
Karaoke with The Shrieking Harpies! – Mary Wright
Drink Locally Made Craft Beer (or Cocktails) with Heather Baldwin! – Michael Deneen
Dinner and a Play at The Jungle Theater with Heather Baldwin! – Mary Wright
Brunch with Subatomic Duck! – Cynthia Rodriguez
Personal Record Store Day with Ian Fish Man! – Tim Hellendrung
Duo with Jill Bernard: OUT-OF-TOWN BIDS ONLY! – Jay Revis
Duo with Jill Bernard: LOCAL BIDS ONLY! – Anthony Armstrong
Happy Harvest Day! – Shea Roberts Gyllen
8th Wheelin’ with Fifth Wheel! – Andy Christian
Night out with Bad Spiders! – Cody Madison
Museum day with STEMprov! – Bree Dalager
DUO with DallaValle! – John Bickford
Lunch with Marg and Carol Lyn! – Keith Dalluhn
Storytelling Coaching with Paul Normandin! – Kate Button
Everything + Phil Schramm! – Justin Betancourt
Cancel Plans with Will Roberts! РErin Kennedy 


Raised a grand total (before fees) of $4310.73 to support HUGE Theater!!
THANK YOU a million times, glorious weirdos.