Thank you, friends

Dear friends of HUGE,

I am posting to let you know that I am resigning as managing director and from the board of HUGE Improv Theater. My last day will be Sunday, September 2, 2018. While my heart is willing to keep going forever, I need a rest from the schedule and responsibility that comes with this important work. It’s time to give someone else a chance to make their mark and to help guide HUGE through its next chapter.

I first walked through HUGE’s doors in March 2011, three days after I arrived in Minneapolis. I started as managing director a few months later, about six months after HUGE opened.

In an earlier draft of this post I tried to mention some key moments, but it’s overwhelming. It’s maybe enough to say what you probably already know: HUGE has been repeatedly saved and sustained by the involvement and support of its community, that HUGE is where we instinctively gather when terrible things happen, that HUGE is where people come when they need respite from hate, that HUGE offers a creative home that encourages people to recognize improv as art and themselves as artists.  

It would be hard to overstate how essential HUGE has been to my life here, to my work and growth as an artist, and for introducing me to the incredible people of the Twin Cities improv community.

I thank you so much for being a big part of my life the last seven years. I encourage you to give some extra support to those working to make our community an inclusive and safe space. It’s some of the hardest work there is. Financial spreadsheets are easy; creating a space that’s a haven from toxic masculinity, sexism, racism and hatred is hard. The great news is, everyone can help shoulder the load. We can participate in Fair Play public meetings, engage with diversity and inclusion forums like Our Cities, Our Stages, and we can all take responsibility for educating and challenging ourselves.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to have worked at HUGE, and I’ll still be around regularly in my capacity as a performer and teacher. I look forward to see y’all there.

All my best,

p.s. I will not be able to attend the Open House/Meeting at HUGE – there is 0% chance I could make it through without being a total mess – but I have put some slides together and I know it will be a great meeting, as always.