New ticket pricing and options!

Dear friends of HUGE Theater,
Starting Friday, November 3, weekend ticket prices and purchase options are changing.

Winter Ticket Pricing :: Fridays and Saturdays

8:00pm: $10 online / $12 at the door
9:30pm: $10 online / $12 at the door
10:30pm: $8 online / $8 at the door

Flex Pass: $18 for any 2 shows on the same night
All Night Pass: $24 for all 3 shows on the same night

Audiences can purchase tickets for one, two or all three shows on Friday and Saturday nights.
The 8pm/9:30pm show tickets are no longer bundled together.

We are making this change and adjusting our ticket pricing seasonally to meet two realities:
1) Customers have consistently been confused by the combined 8pm/9:30pm ticket model.
2) Our audiences and programming are seasonal.

We originally set up to our 8/9:30pm combined ticket model to encourage audiences to stick around and sample improv. This was essential nearly seven years ago, when HUGE opened and longform improv was very new to the general public. Now we’re finding new audiences express much more confusion about our ticketing than our programming.

We recognize that theater attendance is seasonal and that we attract different audiences at different times of year. Our programming reflects this — we roll out new programming every two months or so — but our pricing model hasn’t caught up. Rather than treat winter the same as summer, we are treating the seasons, well, seasonally. Our goal is to make sure, no matter what the season, our ticket prices are affordable and as clear as possible.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re a longtime friend and audience member at HUGE. Thank you! Many of you have become accustomed to seeing multiple shows, and we hope this change won’t keep you from being able to join us. We’ve had you in mind in designing the Flex Pass (any two shows) and the All Night Pass (all three shows).

We recognize our new winter pricing isn’t as inexpensive and convenient for our
long-time audiences.  To be honest, we’ll miss the wooden nickels and the ease of having audiences stick around between shows. At the same time, we won’t miss giving lengthy ticketing explanations online, at the box office and from the stage.
We’re also excited that the 9:30pm shows won’t have to encourage their audiences to come to the theater in hopes that enough audience turns in their wooden nickels from the 8pm show for new 9:30pm audience to get a seat.

Going forward, we’re going to adjust our pricing seasonally, to best meet the needs of audiences and performers. We appreciate that you’ve stuck with us so far, and hope you’ll continue to support HUGE.
We don’t do anything without considering how it affects our community, and we want you to know we truly welcome your feedback and, always and forever, appreciate your support.