HUGE Hangout Auction 2017 Results

The annual Hangout Auction closed on Sunday after raising almost seven thousand dollars to support HUGE Theater – Our thanks go out once again to everyone that took part in this silly fun spring tradition and the amazing people that put it together and run it every year!
You are the best.


The Winners:

Art and Mini-Golf with Blake and Heather! Cicely Laing
Be a Guest on Next at Bat! Jeff Gyllen
Become Part of the Squash Banana Chronicles! Michael Hanson
Biography Reading with Will Roberts! Breanna Cecile
Bowling Night Side Pickle Style! Timothy Eberle
Can Can Wonderland with Be Hive Medusa! Heather Baldwin
Classic Video Game Day with Bryce Kalal! Daniel Ruby
Coming of Age Adventure with Coming of Age! Katie Novak
Craig Corsi Will Turn You Into Electronic Music! Paul Williams
Cupcake Tasting with Shea! Michael Hanson
David Lipkin Will Write You a Story! Phillip Petersen
Day Drinking with Naughty & Creepy! Heather Baldwin
Dinner and a Play with Heather Baldwin! Evelyn Blum
Dinner with Your Parents…and John Gebretatose! Amy Zajack
Do Nothing with Amy Zajack! John Bickford
Duo with DallaValle! Shelley Johnson
Duo with Jill Bernard – LOCAL BIDS ONLY! Andy Christian
Duo with Jill Bernard – OUT-OF-TOWN BIDS ONLY! Elizabeth Wuertz
Experience a Broken Heart with Strays! Ariel Lopez
Get Loony with Tim & Bradley at a Minnesota United Match! Amy Zajack
Get Trapped with Jesters Comedy Improv! Andy Christian
Graphic Design Consultation with Sean Dillon! Shelley Johnson
“Hank Hilling” with jorts! Timothy Eberle
Help Jesse Park His Car! Catherine Burrows
HUGE Golden Ticket! Erik Ostrom
HUGE Golden Ticket! Tamara Bredemus
HUGE Golden Ticket! Sandra Capra
Hunt and Photograph the Northern Lights with Cliff Zawasky! Michael Hanson
Ice Cream Quest with Last Action Movie! Bruce Rehberg
Introverts Hangout with Cicely Robin Laing! Cicely Laing
Italian Sunday Dinner! Sandra Capra
Kayaking with Heather Baldwin! Cicely Laing
Martini Wednesday with Sally, Gubby, and Liv! Andrea Ravich
MAYHEM Ruins Your Birthday! Meghan Casey
Minnesota Snow Job presents Dune Board Game Party! Andy Christian
Movie Night with KistKrauseRouse! Bryce Kalal
One Hour of Photos with Adam Iverson! Andrea Ravich
PAiNT in the pARk wiTh THE PAiNTERS! Allison Knauss
Pajama Party with Overnight! Katie Novak
Pie Making with Cliff Zawasky! Bree Dalager
Presidential Movies with the Hall of Presidents! Timothy Eberle
Ramen with Greg! Michael Fotis
Resume Review and Alcohol with Bree Dalager! Abigail MacLaren
Save or Shave: Determine the Fate of Edd’s Mustache! Bree Dalager
Sheabysitting! Amy Burge
Sing-a-long Movie Night with Rated G! Jamie Bonczyk
Software or Web Development Training with Allison Knauss! Larry Bieza
SPACE JAM: Hangout and Host! Kate Zabinski
Stitch and Bitch with Katie Novak and Shea Roberts! Sandra Capra
The D2 Experience with Nathan Kelly! Nettie Rodden
The Ultimate Hennepin County Improv Festival Experience! Robert Bayne
Ultimate Buffet Experience with Bryan and Danny! Michael DallaValle
Wings & Things with This Just In! Michael Hanson
Wooly Philly Needs a Haircut! Kate Brown
Worst First Date with Erin Kennedy! David Meyers


The Stats:

Unique bidders 115
Winning bidders 38
Bids 1798
Unique bids 480
Views 16,362
Average per auction $123.01
Total raised $6,765.48