Upcoming class: Everything Matters with Drew Kersten

Fun class with Drew Kersten coming up! “EVERYTHING MATTERS”– Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30 on 11/2, 11/9, and 11/16

This three-week course is open to graduates of HUGE Theater’s 201 class, and others with instructor permission (write to workshops@hugetheater.com)

Everything matters in improv. If you named your scene partner Nancy, how old is their character and what year is it? What does it mean if they looked down when you called them Daddy? You took a deep breath before speaking, why did that make your scene partner cry? Our scenes are packed with rich material if we just “listen” with all of our senses, and accept the gifts we are given and the gifts we give (even the unintended parts). This class will explore how to recognize that you are being inspired and how to turn those unexpected and unintended moments into a fully realized improv scenes. The class will have a heavy focus on scene work and personal feedback.

This class will take place in the HUGE Theater Annex which has a flight of stairs for entry.

Drew Kersten has been improvising since 2002, and started teaching improv in in 2007. He studied at BNW in Minneapolis, Pan and Lila Theaters in the Bay Area, and UCB in LA. He’s moved across the country as an improvisor 4 times, which has given him a unique perspective on on improvising with and teaching people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Currently he teaches and performs at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis as well as festivals across the country.

Register here: https://www.hugetheater.com/classes/everything-matters-with-drew-kersten-wednesdays-from-730-930-on-112-119-and-1116/