Answering Anonymous Question – Show X !

A question submitted via our Anonymous Feedback Form on our Contact page:

Q:  “How does Show X casting work? What does one need to do to put themselves in a position to someday be cast? Also, once cast is it a lifetime appointment like The Supreme Court?”

A:  We get this question whenever Show X casting changes – we just announced some upcoming additions to the Show X cast that will be debuting Feb 8th, 15th and 22nd – and I know the process is opaque and we’ve never announced when we’re looking for more cast or the work that goes into it.  The answer is both simple and probably frustrating.

The short version is that Show X is an independent cast of a show produced by HUGE theater, which means the cast decides as a group when new to look for new cast and how many to add at any one time to maintain the general continuity of the show.

As a producer of the show, I can give a little more insight by saying that the cast of Show X meets on this topic a couple times per year to discuss casting needs – often the answer is that we decide not to change the cast of the show at all – when we decide to add cast we begin with a nomination process of performers who do great work we really enjoy that feel like a great fit for the show, discuss and vote.

As a cast we have a variety of opinions on what the cast needs or what strengths in a performer are most compelling to meet those particular needs – and those are all weighed – As far as how one gets nominated and considered, the best advice is just “put in the hustle and do great work where people can see it”

Once cast, it isn’t always permanent – in the 5 years of Show X we’ve had some cast members consistently throughout as well as cast that have decided to move on to other things or step away from the show for different lengths of time.  We have never asked anyone to leave the cast of Show X and there is currently no amendment in place to recall, impeach or extradite members of the Show X cast (whew!).

I hope that helps clarify the process, even though I can’t give you a clear path and steps to follow in order to make it happen any faster.


  • Butch Roy
  • Producer, Show X