A Sad Farewell to Samantha Pereira

Many of you may have heard by now, the Minneapolis improv community has suffered a great loss. Samantha Pereira, performer, director, teacher, and friend, was in a car accident on Thursday December 10 and passed away. We are having trouble finding the words to express our sorrow, and send our deepest sympathy to her family and friends. We only hope all who knew and loved Samantha can find solace in the knowledge that in her time cut short on the planet Samantha made a great difference. As a teacher at Stevie Ray’s and then later at HUGE Theater, it is not an exaggeration to say she changed her students’ lives. “Samantha believed in me before I believed in myself,” is a common refrain. Many of her students found courage just by seeing themselves through her eyes.

We will miss her forever. She was a bright spirit and a warm soul, with talent and generosity shining from every pore. The HUGE Theater education program owes her so much. She could always be relied on to teach as many students as we would give her, and was ready to share her heart with every new class. As any beginning improv student can tell you, there is nothing more terrifying than making a fool of yourself at an improv class. Samantha had a gift for letting you know it was going to be more than alright. It was going to be great, and you’re exactly where you belong. Samantha brought talent,energy, expertise, compassion, giggles, and love to HUGE, and made Sunday morning a golden time.

We love you, Samantha. Goodbye beautiful friend.

A few links:
For details on mass and visitation, go here.
If you would like to donate to HUGE in her name, the best spot is here.
To watch a Menudo video in Samantha’s honor, click here.