Neutrino Video Project Cast(s) Announced

We are happy to announce the casts for the Neutrino Video Project – opening in March 2016 – along with some Neutrino news:  Due to overwhelming number of fantastic auditions and more extensive production process, we made the decision to cast not one, but TWO Neutrinos and double the scheduled run of the show into June of 2016 – To that end, we’re creating two casts!

Thank you to everyone that came out to audition – for your time and talent but also your patience while we had some big decisions and changes to make.

Neutrino Video Project 2016 cast:

Anna Tobin
Beth Gibbs
Breanna Cecile
Bryce Kalal
Christian Unser
Colin Anderson
Dan Jaquette
Dave Christians
Denzel Belin
Elliot Stevenson
Erin Sheppard
Hannah Wydeven
Jake Scott
James Moore
Jane White
Jeff Gyllen
Jen Scott
Jen Van Kaam
Joe Rapp
Katie Vannelli
Lauren Schwein
Lizzie Gardner
LJ Johnson
Lupe Muraszewski
Matt Houchin
Michael Ritchie
Mike Fotis
Mike Trost
MJ Marsh
Molly Chase
Phillip Simondet
Rita Boersma
Sean Dillon
Sid Oxborough
Sophie Brossard
Susannah Eckberg
Tim Hellendrung
Will Roberts