Throwback Night 2016 Casts Announced

We are happy to announce the casts for Throwback Night – opening in January 2016 – but first, we would like to thank everyone that auditioned to be part of the show.

Thank you to everyone that came out – there were so many funny, talented, deserving people that it makes the task of creating a top-shelf, rockstar cast much much easier, but the task of creating a small cast WAY more difficult.

Without any further delay:

La Ronde – Directed by Joe Bozic

Adam Iverson
Adam Litz
Andrea Ravich
Brian Santa Maria
Denzel Belin
Gubby Kubik
LJ Johnson
Phillip Simondet
Sophie Brossard
Susannah Eckberg
Wells Farnham

Deconstruction – Directed by Mike Fotis

Aime Durenberger
Anna Tobin
Christian Unser
Christopher Harrington
Elizabeth Council
Emily Townswick
Erik Nielsen
Joe McGowan
Mary Kane
Matt Prindle
Phillip Schramm

Close Quarters – Directed by Drew Kersten

Amanda Underwood
Aurora Sandelands
Brian Rice
Elliot Stevenson
Emily Lindholm
Janelle Blasdel
Jay Kistler
Leah Isaacson
Matt Thorseon
Sarah Arnold
Spencer Retelle