Neutrino Audition Schedule

Thanks to everyone that signed up for auditions and waited patiently for the schedule – we were able to give most everyone their first choice of times – please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your time and warming up with your group beforehand.

October 10th :  10am-11am

Group 1 :  Sophie Brossard, Sean Dillon, Lauren Schwein, Erin Sheppard

Group 2 : Jen Scott, Jane White, Joe Rapp, Amy Zajack, MJ Marsh

Group 3 : Nathan Rouse, Hannah Wydeven, Nick Decker, Cicely Laing

October 10th :  11am-Noon

Group 1 :  Mike Fotis, Will Roberts, Michael Larson, Mike Trost

Group 2 : Joe Blum, Beth Gibbs, Jake Scott, Colin Anderson, Katie Moen

October 10th :  1pm-2pm

Group 1 :  Alex Carlson, Kathryn Vannelli, Sid Oxborough, LJ Johnson

Group 2 : Mike Krefting, Daniel Jacquette, Jen Van Kaam, Eric Heiberg

October 10th :  2pm-3pm

Group 1 :  Carolyn Blomberg, Mark Jelinek, Rita Boersma, Katie Moen

October 10th :  3pm-4pm

Group 1 :  Liv Augusta, Molly Chase, Dave Christians, Seniz Lennes

October 10th :  4pm-5pm

Group 1 :  , Bryce Kalal, James Satter, David Lipkin, Phil Schramm, Christian Unser

October 15th :  7pm-8pm

Group 1 :  Cody Nelson, Jeff Gyllen, Phillip Simondet, Kristen Pichette

Group 2 : Breanna Cecile, Lizzie Gardner, Elliot Stevenson, Susannah Eckberg

Group 3 : Jessica Ostendorf, Anna Tobin,Denzel Belin, Spencer Retelle

October 15th :  8pm-9pm

Group 1 : John Gershberg, Kevin Albertson,  Deborah Dopp


If you have any problems, questions or concerns – please email butch at hugetheater dot com