Hangout Auction Winners

Complete list of Hangout Auction winners – this year the Hangout Auction raised just over $7,000 to support HUGE Theater and keep the fun going!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Hangout Auction and to our amazing fans that make it happen, you are all awesome and we love you.

A Day at the Zoo with Cicely Robin Laing! Elizabeth Flomo
A Day at the Zoo with Squash Banana! Phillip Schramm
A Day of Chipper Happy Things with Breanna Cecile and Mary Kane! Abraham vanderBent
Apocalypse World with Alex Carlson & Adam McConnaughey Mark Jelinek
Appearance on Next At Bat! Adam Litz
Babysitting with Joe McGowan! Drew Kersten
Bad Headshots with Sally Foster! Heather Humphries
Bad Headshots with Sally Foster! Amy Zajack
Baking Time with Karina & Rosie! Sean Sittnick
Bass/Guitar Lessons with Will Roberts! Lauren Chesnut
Be Awkwardly Stared at by Richie and Bradley! Bree Dalager
Best First Date with Mary Kane! Chad Anderson
Blizzards with the Blizzard Wizards! Liv Anderson
Boozy Brunch with The Brunchy Bunch! David Lipkin
Breakdancing 101 with Joe McGowan! Amy Burge
Chasin’ Waterfalls with Blake Wanger! Heather Baldwin
Choose Your Own Donut Adventure! Jim DeSimone
Coffee and Records with Nathan Rouse! Douglas Cox
Color and Draw with Happily Ever After! David Hadley
Crafternoon Delight with Anna & Meghan! Erin Kennedy
Dining Experience with Bradley Machov! Thomas Cohen
Dinner and Theatre w/ Heather Baldwin: Peter Pan @ CTC – Performance date open! Cynthia Rodriguez
Dinner and Theatre with Heather Baldwin: Jungle Theater! Amy Zajack
Dinner and Theatre with Heather Baldwin: Peter Pan at CTC! Mary Strutzel
Dinosaur Nerd-Out with Sean Dillon! Liv Anderson
Double Date with Liv & Bradley! Drew Kersten
Drunken Milkshakes with Amy Zajack! Kathryn Walby
Eat a Vermonster with Ladyfriend! Dan Ruby
Fingerpainting and Hard Liquor with Horseface! Robert Wagner
Flojack Day of Fun! Nathan Bier
Fountain Tour with Mark Jelinek! Mary Strutzel
Fun French Tutoring with real live Frenchwoman Sophie Brossard! Matt McCloud
Get Your Ass Kicked on Playstation 1 Games with Sean Sittnick! James Magnuson
Ghost Hunting Adventure with Sally Foster & Lauren Chesnut! Debi Summers
Go to a Gas Station with Kiss Kiss Slap for a Treat! (not to buy gas) Kate Brown
Grand Slam with Lipkin and Tweet! Neil Hutson
Group Bad Headshots with Sally Foster! Amy Burge
Group Dance Lesson with Rhett Romsaas! Chad Anderson
Guest Star on Minimum Fare! James Satter
Happy Hour with Nick Rindo’s Downtown Happy Hour Group! Gurayn Sylte
Headshots with Clay Maccartney! Tamara Bredemus
Homebrew Hangout with Colin Ernst! Rachel Ernst
Horror Makeup Application with Carolyn Blomberg! Amy Zajack
Hudsucker River Valley’s NY-style Sausage Pepper & Onion with Cocktails! The Away Team
Hug From Clay Macartney! Eric Heiberg
HUGE Golden Ticket! Tamara Bredemus
HUGE Golden Ticket! Matt McCloud
HUGE Golden Ticket! Abraham vanderBent
Important Shopping with the Gay/Straight Alliance! Svetlana Green
Improv Duo with Jill Bernard! Anonymous Winner
Improv Duo with Mike DallaValle! James Satter
Instagram Adventure with Laura Posterick! Kate Novak
Jack Barrett Will Underscore Your LIFE! Joe McGowan
Juggling with Joshua Krauskopf! Rosie Malcolm
Khan’s Mongolian BBQ with Carolyn & Jill! Meghan Wolff
Learn to play Dwarf Fortress with Andy Turbes and Joe Halvarson! Will Roberts
LEGO Custom Design and “Block” Party with Block…er, Blake Wanger! Amy Burge
Lipkin’s Doodle of the Month Club! Emily Larkin
Math Tutoring with Amy Burge! Jeremy Olson
Mojo Kickball in YOUR Honor! Bree Dalager
Murder Mystery Dinner with Clue: The Improvised Murder Mystery! Jeff Gyllen
Northeast Taproom Bike Tour with Polar Bear Centric! Andrew Kerkow
Penpals with Lipkin! Kristin Warfield
Picnic and drawing with Cicely Robin Laing! Cicely Laing
Pilates with Karina! Jill Bernard
Pizza & Game Night for Horrible People with Cards Against Humanity – Improvised! Tamara Bredemus
Plastic Model Building with Mark Jelinek! Phillip Schramm
Private Dance Lesson with Rhett Romsaas! Elizabeth Flomo
Record Music with Erik Ostrom! Barry Hayes
Red Lobster Feast with License to Krill! Erik Nielsen
Road Trip with Mayhem! Breanna Wilczek
ROCKETS with Jelinek & Halvarson! Rosie Malcolm
Running Coaching with Adam Iverson! Amy Napleton
S’Mores and More with (Un)Happy Campers! Nicholas Muellerleile
Shadowrun Roleplaying Night! Mike DallaValle
Silent Donut Eating with Mike Fotis! Zach Curtis
Skype Date From Home with Emily Larkin’s “Maleias” Emíl! Abraham vanderBent
Snack time with Snack Time! Joe McGowan
Soccer and Drinking with Bree Dalager! Mark Abbott
Storytime with Kristi Kremers! Amy Burge
Sunday Funday with Drew & Matt! Patrick Tracy
Superhero Night with Dilly Dally! Jeff Gyllen
Tabletop Game Night with Matt, Erik, Abe, and Will! Tom Ferrara
Tacos with The Away Team! Joseph Kapper
Tea Time with the Beards! Paul Barrett
Terrible T-shirt Deezign with Terrible Origami! Nate Morse
Theme Park Experience with Bryan Pierce! Amy Burge
Visit the Walker Art Center with The Painters! Rosie Malcolm
Weird Portraits with Adam Iverson! Matt McCloud
Worst First Date with Erin Kennedy! Trent Hanson
Zombie Pub Crawl/Halloween Makeup Application with Carolyn Blomberg! Mike Trost