Coming Soon at HUGE – March-April 2015

We are very excited to officially announce the weekend lineup of shows for March/April 2015!

Friday Nights

8pm – The first in our “Throwgram” series begins with the Deconstruction cast performing their As-Yet-Untitled show based on the Deconstruction.

9:30pm – Winners of last year’s TROIKA competition, Murmur is going to perform THE perfect scene and you are going to help them get there!

10:30pm – A double-bill too good not to happen, proving this is the best of all possible universes, it’s Ladyfriend AND The Adventures of Tim, Troy and Damian!


Saturday Nights

8pm – Yes Anderson presents : Darjeeling Unscripted  the smash hit improvised “movie” in the style of the great rail-riding Wes Anderson returns!

9:30pmThe Mess present a new improvised masterpiece every week.

10:30pm – Deal the cards, press your tux and bring an extra candlestick for CLUE: The Improvised Murder Mystery!