HUGE's 4 Year Anniversary Show – January 31, 2015


Join us as we celebrate FOUR YEARS of hard work and laughter at HUGE Theater – Saturday, January 31st at 8pm we will have an amazing show featuring as many improvisers as we can fit on the stage (and take our annual photo-within-a-photo photo), we will say thank you, we will laugh a lot and probably cry a bit.

Tickets – $20 or FREE for Members of HUGE Theater

Members will have early access to tickets, this show WILL sell out.


Adam Iverson
Aric McKeown
Becky Hauser
Beth Gibbs
Bradley Machov
Butch Roy
Carolyn Blomberg
Casey Haeg
Chris Hill
Dan Linden
Daniel Jaquette
Ellen Jaquette
Eric Knobel
Erin Sheppard
Hannah Wydeven
Jake Scott
James Moore
James Rone
Jane White
Janelle Blasdel
Jen Scott
Jen Van Kaam
Joe Bozic
Joe Rapp
Josh Kaplan
Josh Kuehn
Katie Vannelli
Katy Kessler
Kevin Albertson
Maria Bartholdi
Matt Prindle
Meghan Wolff
Michael Ritchie
Mike DallaValle
MJ Marsh
Molly Chase
Nate Morse
Nels Lennes
Patrick Tracy
Rita Boersma
Sean Dillon
Sid Oxborough
Troy Zimmerman