We'll See This Thing Through – There Are Hundreds More Just Like Me and You.


The numbers are in, most of us have gotten some sleep, we have sponsors to thank and winners to announce!


To say that this year’s Improvathon was amazing would be a crazy understatement

The group of delirious individuals you see above watched and took part in the entire 28 hours of improv this year – kept awake by coffee from Common Roots and we were even able to surprise/wake up our Iron Audience with a sundae bar donated by Haagen Dazs in the middle of the day!

THANK YOU to our sponsors!

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The results

This is what it’s all about – Give To the Max Day is THE fundraising day of the year for HUGE Theater since we made the (potentially risky) decision to give our supporters a break from constant fundraising and focus our efforts on our biggest event of the year – we reached out to members, friends, families, co-workers, audiences and everyone else we could reach and the response was genuinely overwhelming. We checked our math over and over again when we saw the numbers coming in and many tears were shed as HUGE not only exceeded our fundraising total from last year, we did it before GTMD had even officially begun and then went on to destroy our fundraising goal for this year!!!

The Numbers – $25,000 was our goal…

Our official GiveMN.org tally is $37,657.

HUGE won the 5am Golden Ticket – which was increased to $2,000 this year thanks to the generosity of the Bush Foundation and GiveMN!

Grand total with all online donations, Golden Ticket and door proceeds, our total comes to:


Even more amazing, we had 776 gifts online, the 12th highest number of gifts overall among every group that participated in Give to the Max Day.   To be clear: HUGE is a tiny little tugboat among oceanliners participating in GTMD. This is astonishing, humbling and cause for much celebration.

Every single person who participated is part of this achievement – staff, photographers, techs, donors, cleaning volunteers, runners of errands, and ALL the performers – Thank you so much!

The Winners

We are also thrilled to announce that our top Iron Audience fundraiser was Breanna Cecile!

She brought in $1,044, and her fundraising page is #8 among 67.

Top five fundraising performing groups:

1st place:  The Away Team, which brought in $3,155.

2nd place :  Snack Time

3rd place:  Ladyfriend

4th place:  Horseface

5th place:  Community Ed!

In closing, another heartfelt thanks – if you know anything about this theater you probably know how much difference every single donation, no matter how big or small,  makes to this place.  If you know anything about me you know how important it is to try and thank people enough for all the help they give and let them know how much difference they make to this place and to me.

The numbers are the simplest way to measure the success of a day of fundraising but the impact of this single day cannot easily be described – I can tell you that there are lots of important days running the theater along the way.  Some incredibly fun days, which we try to share with as many people as we can. There are some hard days and some scary days, which I try not to share unless I have to.

And then there is a day like this year’s Give to the Max Day, which is difficult to share at all because words fail at the task and it feels like more love and joy than any one person can contain.  This past Thursday so clearly, vividly demonstrates to everyone how amazing this community is, the unbelievable things we can do and have fun doing them and – more than anything – why it is such an honor and a privilege that I get to spend my days in service of this place and all these people.

All the amazing people and performers did not choose to call HUGE their home because it is a special place – HUGE is a special place because these amazing people choose to make it their home.  And for that I will never stop thanking everyone and it will still never be enough.

Thank you for making this dream possible and keeping it going.

Butch Roy

– Executive Director of HUGE Theater and Humble Servant