Opportunity from NBC Universal

I was contacted by NBC Universal regarding a search for sketch comedy talent.  If this is something you are interested in, please put yourself on tape and get in contact with them.  Info below:

We’re doing a nationwide search for sketch performers who write and perform their own characters, and we’d love it if you could share this request with your sketch performers and have them put themselves on tape for us. We’ll be visiting various cities around the country in the coming weeks, and will use these tapes to decide who we can meet in person – since time will obviously be limited.

What we’d like:

A short intro of yourself, where you’re from, where you’ve performed sketch, what general types of characters you do, etc. And then you can give us 3 or 4 characters – just a taste (a minute or so) of each. The whole thing should be 5 minutes or less.

Ideally, we would appreciate audition tapes asap this week.

Please let us know if you have any questions – and thanks!

Downloadable files (along with a photo & resume) should be sent to the following address:


Go nuts!